Melissa Caddick’s ex-husband, with whom she has a teenage son, is Tony Caddick. People are wondering if he is aware of her whereabouts and disappearance.

Tony Caddick popularly known as Melissa Caddick’s first husband is believed to be a solicitor.

People are interested in learning more about his personal life and current whereabouts. People are wondering whether he knows where Melissa is.

Who Is Tony Caddick And Where Is He Now? Explore His Age And Net Worth

Who Is Tony Caddick And Where Is He Now?

Tony Caddick is Melissa Caddick’s first husband whom she married on April 20, 2000, at the Garrison Church in Millers Point, Sydney. However,  the couple got divorced and parted ways.

Tony studied political science in England, finished his law degree, and was admitted as a solicitor at the persuasion of his wife.

According to Wiki, the family moved to Essex in 2010 to be closer to Tony’s family as he traveled to work in London every day.



Tony vanished from the public eye following his divorce from Caddick. There is no information about him on the internet. However, as a result of Melissa’s disappearance, public interest in Tony has progressively escalated.

Caddick went missing on November 13, 2020, one day after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission searched her $6.2 million House.

Her hairdresser husband still resides with her son in a Heights house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. She was charged with operating a Ponzi scheme in which she took up to $23 million from her investment clients.

According to ASIC and police, she used the money to support a luxury lifestyle. It included foreign travel, sports automobiles, expensive fashion labels, and jewelry.

Caddick has not been formally pronounced dead, but detectives believe she is. Dr. Xanthe Mallett claimed that it is difficult to establish if Caddick died because she vanished and just her foot was located. But, she believes that a coronial inquest would reveal more.


Melissa Caddick’s Son Josh With Her First Husband Tony Caddick

Melissa Caddick and her first husband, Tony Caddick are blessed with a son Josh. Their child appeared to be in his twenties.

He is of Australian nationality and is five feet eight inches tall and weighs around seventy pounds.



Josh currently lives with his stepfather, Anthony Koletti in Sydney. He saw his mother for the last time around 5:00 a.m., when he heard a door close and assumed it was her mother leaving for her morning walk.

He is still reliving the anguish of losing his mother, wondering if she is still alive and if she has simply abandoned him.

Josh has no idea if she is dead or if he has been abandoned. Imagine the impact on that youngster, the long-term consequences for him, it’s tragic in either case.

An official settlement of Ms. Caddick’s status is thought to assist all parties involved, including her son, achieve closure.

Explore Tony Caddick’s Age And Net Worth

Tony Caddick is believed to be in his 50s as his ex-wife Melissa Caddick is 49 years old as of now. The lawyer is estimated to have a net worth of $1million.

However, this is only an assumption, and his true fortune may be very large or very low.

According to his study, he would have been an excellent lawyer making $1 to $2 million each year. However, the specifics of his profession are unknown to the general public.

Melissa, on the other hand, is reported to have a net worth of roughly $8 million. She used to enjoy a lavish lifestyle at her $7 million property.

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