Tooturnttony Scandalized Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit  – Anthony Dawson, also known as TooTurnttony, was born on February 11, 1997, and is a well-known TikTok star. He is well recognized for posting humorous videos and lip-syncing performances. He formerly worked as a model and is now a duck breeder.

Tooturnttony Scandalized Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit - WATCH & Know What It Is About

On his TikTok, he is well recognized for his duck cosplay. Millions of people worldwide have become fans of his favorite comedic videos.

He also posts pictures of his farm and his cherished ducks on Instagram.


What Is Tooturnttony Leaked Video About?

Many people were familiar with him before he became well-known on Only Fans. Now that his intimate video has gone viral online, he is attracting attention from people worldwide.

On Instagram, where he has more than 800K followers and 199 posts, a 24-year-old star has a sizable fan base. In the US, people like him. The reports claim that Anthony, who resides with his mother and sister, is Tooturnttony’s real name.


Anthony, born on February 11, 1997, is well-known for posting his humorous and lip-synching videos on TikTok. Millions of people on social media have been drawn to him by his amiable and amusing personality. He used to be a model before becoming a duck breeder.

He is renowned for cosplaying with his ducks on his TikTok account in addition to this. Because of his incredible physique and style, he has amassed millions of fans worldwide.

Tooturnttony Scandalized Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

Duck breeder Tooturnttony also posts videos of himself having fun with his ducks on YouTube; however, his recent intimate video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit, and fans are reacting all over it.

Anthony successfully won, and his humorous videos on TikTok helped him get millions of followers. With over 5 million followers and more than 348K Instagram followers, Tooturnttony is now accessible in a brief video broadcast. He posts photographs of his property where his favorite ducks are playing. Thus we may infer from his handle on social media that he owns a farm.


@tooturnttonyReplying to @timdavis727♬ original sound – Tooturnttony


Anthony has always had a penchant for producing videos and movies. He also attended college to get a degree in video and film production. He genuinely became interested in bodybuilding and the gym after high school. He was quickly hired as a model because of his incredibly fit physique.

He worked as a model for a while before giving up to accept a lucrative position at a movie studio. His pals continued pushing him to post videos on TikTok since he kept making them for them.

Tooturnttony Aka Anthony Dawson Net Worth With 17 Million Followers On TikTok


Anthony Dawson, Pearpop’s highest-paid creative, has earned almost $178,000 thus far from more than 50 brand campaigns with the startup. While Dawson is actively discussing partnerships with the Pearpop team, most consumers interact with the firm through its website or mobile app, according to the business insider website.

For a TikTok video that received between 4 and 5 million views, Dawson received $1,240 in addition to a $20,000 participation fee.

The majority of Dawson’s revenue does not come from his Pearpop earnings; rather, it comes from other endorsement deals with companies like Crocs, Celsius Energy Drink, Manscaped, Fireball Whisky, Beatbox, his OnlyFans page, and sales of products on His group, including a manager, assists him in closing those deals.

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