Torben Sondergaard Arrested For Weapons Smuggling: Did He Do It? The founder of The Last Reformation, Torben Sondergaard, was imprisoned in the US after being falsely accused of bringing in weapons.

Torben Sondergaard Arrested For Weapons Smuggling: Did He Do It? Meet His Wife & Parents

Torben Sondergaard and his family left Denmark for America this year, taking only what they could fit in eight suitcases, like refugees fleeing a war zone.

Torben Sondergaard is a Danish Christian preacher and faith healer. He founded The Last Reformation, his ministry, and is the author of many books, a public speaker, and the founder of his ministry.


Torben Sondergaard Arrested For Weapons Smuggling: Did He Do It?

According to the resources, Torben Sondergaard was arrested for weapon Smuggling.

However, a lot of people believe this to be untrue, therefore they are supporting him by running a Twitter campaign.


Who is Torben Sondergaard’s Wife?

The Last Reformation’s founder, Torben Sondergaard, is 44 years old. He and his wife Lene have been together for 24 years, and together they have three children and two grandkids.

No more information is given about his wife and children.

Are Torben Sondergaard’s Parents Still Alive?

Torben was the youngest of three brothers and devotedly adored his mother.

His mother suffered a stroke in 1992 and was left with one-sided paralysis. Her personality and way of being were greatly altered by that. When he was a child, life was difficult for him, and something inside of him died. However, he also thinks that this was a contributing factor in his subsequent decision to start his search for God.


Torben Sondergaard's mother and father
Torben Sondergaard’s mother and father ( Source : Facebook )


It is strange to suddenly be without parents when his father’s passing was only 5 years ago. According to Torben, “Death, though it is a natural occurrence, is not how God intended it to be, as you can simply witness when individuals near to you pass away. Death entered the world through sin, but Jesus came to forgive us of our sins so that, through him, we can have life in His eternal presence.”

An author, public speaker, faith healer, and Danish Christian evangelist named Torben Sondergaard has asserted that God spoke to him directly. In a non-Christian family, Torben Sondergaard was born in 1976. He was confirmed in the state church after being baptized as a baby, but simply out of custom.

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