Many young people as well as older adults suffer from Acne. There is really no “cure” for acne and one can only take measures to help prevent acne.

Acne is a condition of clogged pores caused by overactive oil glands. This usually occurs in puberty and can continue into adulthood in some cases.

How to prevent acne

There are some measures you can take to prevent acne or at least keep its severity to a minimum:

  • Make sure that you keep your skin clean. Wash regularly. Washing regularly helps to get rid of the excess oil on your skin plus bacteria and dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause outbreaks.
  • Get the proper amount of rest. Your body restores and refreshes skin cells while you are resting. Teenagers are notorious for not getting enough rest but it is essential in helping to prevent acne.
  • Don’t squeeze or pick at pimples because this has the risk of producing a more severe infection.

  • After you exercise take a shower so that the sweat does not contribute to clogging your pores and producing another acne outbreak. This is a very important consideration because many people have a shower many hours after they have finished their exercise, by which time some of the damage will have already been done. The best advice is to exercise at a place where there are shower facilities.

  • Wear clean white t-shirts to help keep acne off your back. The white t-shirts tend to absorb the excess oils in your skin and will help to prevent acne on your back at least.

  • Take off any makeup before going to bed. Again, the key here is to keep your pores clear of oil and bacteria and help prevent acne outbreaks.

  • Don’t use oil-based sunscreen or skin lotions if you have a tendency for acne outbreaks. These will only contribute to the problem.

  • After washing, you can also use a cleaning solution on your skin containing what is known as Salicylic Acid. Only use a 2% solution. This can be found in some acne cleaning pad products.

    The most important key to preventing acne outbreaks is to keep your pores clear. Clogged pores are the main cause of acne.

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