Many people are thinking more and more about how to take CBD oil. Recent surveys have shown participants to report an overall dramatic increase in libido and better sex life when receiving this substance. Most commonly, cannabidiol has led to a positive effect helping to calm people down during sex.

A daily drop or two under the tongue can be highly beneficial. Let’s find out more about the benefits of CBD oil.

Getting Into Things

Not all of the most important sexual parts are between your legs. What comes into your ears is very important too.  At the center of any sexual experience lies the human brain, and it can play a massive part in sexual responses. The hypothalamus is a region of the brain that essentially controls sex drive, sleep, hunger, and all the primal impulses. CBD can improve blood flow to this region, helping to improve overall brain function and cognitive performance – simply put, your mood will be influenced for the better. Being in the mood is one of the most important things about libido, including the feeling of happiness and confidence.

Performance Anxiety

Everybody knows that anxiety can impact on just about any part of life, including your sex drive. Sexual dysfunction can result, which then increases the levels of anxiety even more. The result can be a downward spiral of anxiety and depression, plus never being able to have good sex. Performance anxiety is very common, especially with new partners. The wonders of CBD can help mitigate some of this anxiety and increased the whole sexual spirit.

Libido and Sexual Health

There are a number of different things that anxiety can do towards your libido and sexual health.  One of the most serious things is vaginismus – this is a condition brought on by anxiety, which causes the vagina muscles to tighten up involuntarily.

You can imagine just how painful this makes penetrative sex, and sometimes it makes it completely impossible. All sorts of factors can trigger this condition, including UTIs, menopause, and childbirth, but it can also be caused by anxiety and various emotional triggers that can happen in the middle of sex.

There have been many studies on CBT and sexual performance. Research has shown that the substance can improve libido by reducing the amount of anxiety in general. The result of this is that CBD can alleviate many episodes of performance anxiety and vaginismus that result in failed sexual experiences. You can feel calm right from the moment that you decide to go back to your partner’s place and up until the inevitable climax.

The Blood Gets Pumping

Studies from the Journal of Clinical Investigation have shown CBD to bring about great benefits to the cardiovascular system. This system controls how blood flows around the body, and CBD lowers tension within the arteries. The result of this is that blood pressure decreases, and there is an improved flow of blood around the body. CBD oil for libido can really work. The data is there to prove that it really does work wonders for sexual libido and performance.

When we are in the middle of sexual acts, we can thank our increased blood flow towards our genitalia. This is what is going to give you an erection and what makes the clitoris become thoroughly engaged and sensitive and a great way. It goes without saying that anything that gets the blood pumping will improve confidence and libido and the CBD Origin story is a long one, but not as long as your sex life can last as a result of taking CBD based products!

The Menopause

How about if you are experiencing menopause? If you’re wondering about how to increase female libido, thankfully, CBD can have positive effects on circulation and blood pressure.  This will be very useful if you’re part of the older generation and experience issues relating to sexual dysfunction. There has been a massive stigma around sexuality and older people – many people are very unaware of just how common social dysfunction is for the older generation.

The menopause results in a wide range of hormonal changes and these can result in a decrease of blood flowing towards the vagina. The main problem here is that the area is dry,  and sexual pleasure decreases as a result. It can have a big effect on libido, especially for those that suffer from high blood pressure. Blood pressure affects the amount of blood that can flow towards the genitalia, and in men, it can result in erectile dysfunction. CBT helps to combat these issues, making people feel more comfortable about sex and ready to give it a go.

Incorporating Some CBD Oil for Libido

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You may be reading this and wondering about ways to spice up your sex life. What is CBD oil good for he can’t get it into the bedroom? Thankfully,  there are loads of items on the market that will allow you to bring some of this magical substance into any intimate space.

You don’t have to look very far to notice how many CBD oil massage products there are in the sexual health market. Go online, and you can find many products to meet any requirements and tastes. We would highly recommend purchasing some “intimate oil”, which can be splattered all over the body. It works wonders when being applied on delicate skin; however, stay away from genital areas. Oils like these commonly make the skin feel smooth and also lead to a decrease in vaginal pH for women. Although this fact doesn’t sound very sexy, believe us that it can make all the difference in terms of libido!

A massage oil also comes with a CBD base. What is a healthy sex life if you can’t get really close to each other skin, right? Your partner will find it very relaxing after a long day of work. Using this kind of oil is one of the best and most effective ways to increase the sensual experience of any sexual relationship. With all the anxiety-relieving benefits that we discussed, it’s not surprising that CBD is being incorporated in massage oil all over the world. The same also applies to lubricants. Many of these are being developed with this oil, and if you purchase the right product, you can really reap the benefits with your partner.


It is unfortunate that people all around the world experienced a decrease in their libido. However, the CBD oil facts are there and can definitely help. If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut, endlessly searching about increase libido men, rest assured that CBD products can boost your libido. Women alike can also reap all sorts of benefits. It’s fantastic that products with this substance are finally available to make people’s sexual lives much better.

What is CBD oil good for in your opinion? Please share your thoughts and reflections in our comment section below.

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