Also referred to as bicycling or biking is the use of bicycles by people for transport, recreation, exercise or sport. Taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make as its a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Benefit of Regular Cycling

One of the best ways to burn hundreds of calories during a workout is regular cycling either on a stationary bike or a moving one. It is an excellent calorie-burning exercise that is easy on the joints as it demands higher physical energy inputs in moving the bicycle against the resistance of air and gravity.

It has been proved that intensive exercises like cycling actually lower appetite resulting in lower calorie intake and a resultant weight loss. Regular cycling will also increase the basal metabolic rate where your muscles keep burning energy even while at rest.

Calculated arithmetically, this adds to 15 bonus calories for every 100 calories burned during the aerobic activity time for a 12-hour post-exercise period. Even if you ride the cycle at the leisurely pace of 15 miles per hour every day for one hour, it is estimated you burn approximately 4000 calories per week, which is the equivalent of a pound of fat. Riding a bicycle thus helps maintain lean muscle mass while shedding fat.

Cycling Process

While cycling it is important to spend the initial 10-15 minutes warming up by riding slowly before you accelerate the speed. Then go for whatever higher speed you are comfortable with. Before coming to a halt, again opt for a cooling down period of 5-10 minutes. How many calories you burn while cycling depends on variables like uphill, downhill, headwinds, and tailwinds, the surface and the type of bike you are riding. Energy used in cycling varies as wind resistance changes.

Stationary bikes

If you are using a stationary bike be aware that several models come with arm action for an upper-body workout. Start with slow speed, then build up to a higher cadence, making certain that you can easily pedal the bike. Riding a stationary bike at moderate speeds will burn up approximately 230 calories in 30 minutes. Slow down with a mandatory cooling-off period. On the downside, stationary bikes can be monotonous and boring; play music or watch television while pedaling.


Bicycling is then an ideal calorie-burning exercise option for all age groups. The best thing about cycling is that with varied vistas it never gets tiresome or boring. It is a refreshing exercise alternative for those who wish to shave away those extra pounds.

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