Where Is Shahida Parveen Husband Khizar Mahmood Now?

Shahida Parveen’s husband Khizar Mahmood might have taken a breath of relief as his wife’s killer has been convicted of the crime.

Khizar was with his wife Shahida when she was stabbed in her heart with the wrong needle during a bone marrow extraction process by Dr. Isyaka Mamman.

According to Manchester Evening News, Shaida’s husband Khizar objected to the extraction after Isyaka failed his first attempt trying to extract the samples from Shaida’s hip bone. She was screaming in agony according to her husband after the botched attempt.

Once Mamman failed his second attempt and punctured Shaida’s heart-sack aka pericardium which encloses the heart and caused massive internal bleeding, Khizar went outside shouting, he killed her! I told him to stop three times but he did not listen, he killed her.

As of now, Khizar is living his life with his three sons which he shared with his wife Parveen. Information about his court appearance during Dr. Isyaka’s trial has not come to the surface but Khizar must have had some relief after the doctor who killed his wife was convicted.


Shahida Parveen Killed By Dr Isyaka Mamman Case

Shahida Parveen was killed by Dr. Isyaka Mamman during a botched bone marrow sample extraction procedure.

The simple procedure was scheduled for September 3, 2018. Praveen visited her appointment with her husband.

However, Dr. Isyaka failed to extract the samples from her hip bone, the most common place for the procedure, he tried his second attempt despite continuous refusal from both his patient and her husband.

In his second attempt, Dr. Isyaka tried to extract the samples from Praveen’s sternum, considered a highly dangerous place for such kinds of procedures, which he failed miserably claiming the life of Shahida.

Dr. Isyaka missed her Sternum altogether and instead punctured her pericardium, a sack containing her heart, which caused massive internal bleeding. Although emergency respondents tried to control the bleeding, 48-year-old Shahida could not survive and died after a short while.

However, Shahida was not the first patient to face such carelessness at the hands of Dr. Isyaka. According to BBC, he had performed a similar procedure on an unidentified male which left him immobile and paralyzed. Similarly, another female had also made a formal complaint of Isyaka using ‘excessive force’ during a similar procedure.

What Is Dr. Isyaka Mamman Age?

Dr. Isyaka Mamman’s actual age is 85 years old as of 2022 according to LBC.

However, the doctor has lied about his age several times in the past and his age is considered to be controversial.

In the beginning, he said, he was born in the year 1936 but later changed his birth year to 1941 and later to 1947. As the doctor was born in a rural village in Nigeria, there is no birth certificate available to confirm his actual age.