Unlike men who orgasm at the end of the climax, well, most of the times, women find it hard. Some don’t even know what an orgasm would feel like. So, for those of you who haven’t yet had that unbelievably good  experience, we hope you will able to know soon enough with all the right information and some patience in the bedroom. Some experiences are harder to describe in words and orgasms are one of them. If not for orgasms a lot of people would be disinterested in sex. See that satisfaction on your man’s face after he has finally reached climax, it would be the same for you if you did have orgasms every time you engaged in sex. However, women experience orgasms differently than men. In fact, women are finding it even more harder these days. Here are a few reasons why that is so:

Why do women find it hard to orgasm? 8 Reason why!

Why do women find it hard to orgasm? 8 Reason why!

You still have no idea how to reach it:

It is difficult for some people to either gain the right information or they find it hard to emulate what has been told. True, sex is an art difficult to master. And orgasm is harder if you don’t understand the right techniques. To have orgasms every single time you have sex requires a bit of an effort. Just try and follow the right techniques taking the help of either your sex therapist or ask your partner to give you a helping hand. Have patience, most importantly and you will reach it soon. [Read: 4 Signs you have had sex but not an orgasm!]

You are not trying enough

You have become almost too impatient with it because you fail to execute the techniques properly. You have to let your mind be in sync with your body while you think of all of those fantasies making you go weak on your knees. There is no reason to believe that you cannot for every woman can, although with different frequencies but you can have orgasms definitely!

You are too tired

If you are overburdened with work, you will find it difficult to orgasm. There is a lot of relaxation that is necessary if you wish to have orgasms. De- stress yourself and find the corner of your house that gives you the space. If tiredness has already drained you of all your energy, then you won’t really be in the mood for making the effort to orgasm. [Read: 5 Negative ways to deal with stress]

You are not foreplaying enough:

Even though penetration can give you enough orgasms, some women find it hard to go that route to orgasm. Foreplays are extremely necessary for some women. Some degree of clitoral or stimulation of the most sensitive parts of the body are required to achieve climax. Unlike men who have orgasms whenever they have sex after they ejaculate, women need to be sufficiently excited to reach an orgasm. For many just visual stimulation is enough while others feel the need to be touched. This requires sufficient attention from your man. [Read: 6 Reasons why foreplay is as important as sex!]

You are in a hurry

Hurrying yourself to an orgasm will get you nowhere. It takes time to get yourself to relax and let the stimulation work its way to give you the best climax. Women can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour to climax. Since that takes a lot of patience, you will have to give yourself the average time for an orgasm.

You don’t feel a deeper connection with your partner

 Why do women find it hard to orgasm? 8 Reason why!

Women are not just visual creatures unlike men but emotional too. They need to be able to relax and feel the touch and get comfortable in the presence of her partner to open up and  immerse in the act. If she is conscious there are chances that orgasms will never happen. So, work on creating that deeper connection with your man. Unless there is complete acceptance of her partner and the comfort in the place, orgasms are difficult to achieve. [Read: 5 Signs a guy wants to genuinely date you, not sleep with you]

You are conscious of your body

Women worry a lot about how they actually look during the act. The idea of having a perfect body can be a mood killer when trying to reach an orgasm with your partner. If you are constantly thinking about how you look and whether your side rolls make you look ugly, you will neither perform well nor be well into the act. Feeling too shy and embarrassed about yourself will push you into hurrying to finish the act rather than making an effort to please yourself too. [Read: 6 Ways to enhance your sex appeal!]

You have something bothering you

You are worried about something off late. This is why your thoughts wander during sex. Thus, even if you are physically present, you are mentally absent. This sort of absent mindedness leads to a loss of interest. Thus, if there are work commitments or any sort of pressure you should let that pass when you are having sex. Or else there are remote chances of you orgasming.

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