Was Jenni Rivera Murdered? Was Jenni Rivera’s death a homicide? People were still wondering why Jenni Rivera died in 2012.

Dolores Janney “Jennie” Rivera Saavedra was a Mexican-American singer. She was well-known for her work in the Regional Mexican music genre.

Rivera was named the most influential female figure and top-selling female music artist in regional Mexican music by CNN, The New York Times, and Billboard.

With more than twenty million records sold, she became the highest-earning regional Mexican artist.

Rivera was also involved in social work and volunteered for civic causes. She was named the spokesperson for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

On August 6, the Los Angeles City Council declared Jenni Rivera Day in recognition of her charitable work and community involvement.

Jenni Rivera was killed in a plane crash on December 9, 2012.

Was Jenni Rivera Murdered?

Jennie Rivera’s death was not a homicide. On December 9, 2012, Jennie was killed in a plane crash near Monterrey.

Jennie Rivera and six other passengers flew from Monterrey, Mexico, to Toluca, Mexico. Shortly after takeoff, the plane suddenly crashed into the ground, diving almost vertically and reaching speeds of over 600 miles per hour.

The flight’s seven passengers all died, including Mexican American actress Jenni Rivera.

The plane owners, Rivera’s estate, and family members of those on board with Rivera were all named in the lawsuit.

Was Jenni Rivera Murdered? American Singer Plane Crash Details
Jenni Rivera’s Death And The Tragic Plane Crash That Caused It. (Image Source: All That’s Interesting)

An official investigation team was formed, but the cause of the plane’s crash was not determined. The crash is thought to have been caused by the aircraft losing control.

Jenni Death made headlines around the world and shocked millions of her fans.

Who Killed American Singer? Plane Crash Shook Millions of fans.

Jennie Rivera revealed in an interview that she received death threats prior to the plane crash. She was killed in a plane crash five months after the threat, raising several questions.

According to Mexico’s Civil Aviation Administration, a faulty horizontal stabilizer in the aircraft could cause a loss of control.

The investigation also revealed that the plane was old, having been built in 1969.

Another surprising aspect of the investigation was the 78-year-old pilot Miguel Perez, who had a restricted license due to the size and weight of his aircraft.

Jenni Rivera
Forensic personnel looks for evidence at the plane crash site where Jenni Rivera died alongside six others. (Image Source: Superflares)

Another co-pilot, Alessandro Torres, did not even have a license to fly outside of the United States. It could be a coincidence or a planned murder, we don’t know.

Jenni Death made headlines around the world and shocked millions of her fans.

It was heartbreaking news for everyone. Rivera was 43 years old and at the pinnacle of her career.

Rivera won the Oye! Awards twice during her career. She won 22 Billboard Latin Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and eleven Billboard Mexican Music Awards.

She was also nominated for four Latin Grammys. With over twenty million records sold, she became one of the highest-earning regional Mexican artists. People are still baffled as to how the American Singer died.

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