What Did Sofiiiiagomez Ex Xobrooklynne Webb Do? After being accused of sexual assault, Sofiiiiiagomez’s ex-girlfriend Xobrooklynne has become a TikTok sensation.

Xobrooklynne, a TikTok star, is a well-known content creator, singer, dancer, and social media personality who has recently become a contentious subject.

What Did Sofiiiiagomez Ex Xobrooklynne Webb Do? Age Difference & Their Drama Explained

Her fans are aware of her relationship with Tiktoker and voice actress Sofiiiiagomez. Furthermore, until the recent drama broke out, their fans were rooting for the couple.

The feud between the two public figures has undoubtedly taken their fans and the internet by surprise. Meanwhile, Brooklynne has recently commented on the subject, explaining her point of view to her followers.

Here’s an explanation for the drama involving two well-known public figures. Keep an eye out!


What Did Sofiiiiagomez Ex Xobrooklynne Webb Do?

Famous Tiktokers Sofiiiiiagomez and Xobrooklynne were in a relationship until it ended. Furthermore, the drama between them has begun to spread to their fans.

Sofiiiiiagomez has recently accused Xobrooklynne of assault while posting videos on TikTok. The couple is no longer together, and her followers were perplexed until she posted a video titled “Explanation.

Gomez took to TikTok to express her frustration, claiming that they were together that day and that Brooklyn pushed her to engage in sexual activity when she wasn’t feeling comfortable.

She also stated that Brooklyn attempted to do several things with her that night, despite her saying “no,” “stop,” and that she just wanted to sleep. Sofia mentioned after a few days that she realized what had happened and had ended things with her.

In response to the assault allegation, Brooklynne recently posted a video explaining the situation and sharing her thoughts. She stated that her TikTok posts are not intended to “victimize” herself or “attack Sofia.”

She also stated that the allegations against her are false. She also claimed that Sofia was not bothered at the time and that they continued to see each other.

She also stated in the video that she apologized several times when Gomez called her after a few days and explained the reason for the breakup.

Get To Learn About Their Drama

Sofiiiiagomez and her ex Brooklynne Webb’s drama started on the internet when Sofia posted a video titled “relationship over,” with the caption,

“I don’t even know what to say about the situation so I apologize for not making a sit-down talking video but a lot of you have been asking and i cope with humor.”

Her curious followers further asked about the matter while demanding an explanation. Right after, she posted another video singing a song, mentioning, “I really do wish I could tell you guys that this isn’t about Brooklynne but it is.”

Then, she uploaded a third post captioning “explanation” while also accusing Brooklyn of assault accusation.

A few days after Sofia’s post, Brooklynne again mentioned what happened that night, and the accusation against her is incorrect. She also added that they were in a “consensual romantic as well as sexual relationship.”

Webb mentioned they were affectionate to each other that night, and after Sofia told her she got tired, she kept it to herself and didn’t touch her.

She concluded the video, stating that she would not further comment on the matter and hoped to address this privately.

How Old Are Sofiiiiagomez & Xobrooklynn? Age Gap Explored

Sofiiiiagomez was born on June 30, 2002, and is now 20 years old. Meanwhile, Xobrooklynn was born on March 31, 2004 and is 18 years old.

They are about two years apart in age, with Brooklynn being a few years younger than Sofia.

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