People are wondering what happened to Georgina Njenga after her nude videos were leaked.

Tyler Mbaya, a former Machachari actor known as Baha, and his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga, have responded to images and videos of Georgina that have been making the rounds on social media.

Georgina believes the photos were leaked by her enraged ex, who is unhappy with how her relationship with the former Machachari Actor developed. She claimed that the material had been recorded many years before.

The two were compelled to address separation rumors in October 2022. Her fans were understandably concerned when Georgina claimed that she and Tyler had broken up due to irreconcilable differences.

Georgina, however, denied the rumors, claiming it was just a game and that the post was short-lived on her social media.

What Happened To Georgina Njenga?

Georgina Njenga is the top trending topic on Twitter because of her leaked naked videos. 

She has also involved her boyfriend Baha, a former Machachari Actor, in a mess. To defuse the situation, Tyler posted a sweet picture of his partner with the caption “love emojis.” The young couple received support from some internet users, while others made fun of them.

What Happened To Georgina Njenga? Leaked Video Goes Viral
Georgina Njenga with her boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya. (Source: Instagram)

In her statement, Georgina claimed the leak was the result of the jealous ex-boyfriend who was dissatisfied with the progress of her new relationship. The content, she claimed, was recorded many years ago.

Georgina claimed to a local blogger that it took place when she was 17 and with a person she liked. After she revealed her relationship with Tyler in 2020, he threatened her immediately.

Georgina Njenga Leaked Video Goes Viral

The video of Georgina Njenga getting naked went viral after her envious ex-boyfriend leaked it.

Njenga claims she sent the videos to her ex-boyfriend when she was 17, most likely in high school. She already had tattoos on her thighs and was pierced, so it is sensible to question her motives. Now that I’ve looked at her Instagram photos, she didn’t have any tattoos in 2019.

Georgina Njenga getting support from Journalist Madam Sarah
Georgina Njenga getting support from Journalist Madam Sarah on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Most internet users have reason to doubt Georgina Njenga’s assertion that she was 17 years old when she sent the videos due to this. Some people think that she committed the crime while dating Tyler Mbaya.

Who Leaked Georgina Njenga’s Videos?

The man accused of giving Actor Bahati the video of Georgina Njengahas refuted the allegations.

They were once friends with benefits, the man now claims, adding that the accusations were unfounded. Georgina had earlier remarked that she simply liked the man and was uncertain why he might have leaked the video.

She claimed that in 2020 after she made her relationship with Machachari Actor Baha public, the man started threatening her. Despite the videos, Georgina’s boyfriend still pampers her with love. The two fell in love after meeting through Georgina’s cousin, and she revealed that after their first date, they moved in together.

The multi-talented Actor shared adorable photos of his romantic staycation with his wife in a city hotel. Home 

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