What Happened To Heather Kovar On Channel 6? Heather Kovar is an Emmy Award-winning news anchor and reporter for CBS Channel 6.

During her nearly three decades as a veteran in the field, Kovar has worked with many notable media stations.

Her recent stint with CBS 6 has, however, made her the focus of media and public attention, as the posed lady was seen presenting different reports than usual.

Her unusual stance in the recent show prompted everyone to openly discuss the situation.


What Happened To Heather Kovar On Channel 6?

Heather Kovar was seen slurring and performing poorly in her work, something that she had never done.

She was widely noted to be lacking in her work as she appeared disturbed and messed up several reports during the weekend broadcast.

The New York Post called her performance an erratic newscast while concerned about her health.


Kovar started by mistaking meteorologist Craig Gold for Craig Adams. As the news anchoring continued, the 2011’s New York City Emmy Winner for Morning Newscast Anchorpresented talked jittery sentences.

Later, she called out her situation was due to a lack of sleep which her co-anchor also supported.

CBS News Anchor Heather Kovar Suspended For Slurring On Air

Heather Kovar is confirmed to have been suspended for slurring on air in the recent broadcast episode.

The CBS famed news anchor had appeared exhausted and sleep-deprived during the 6 p.m news on July 9. Following the wide commotion, CBS has suspended her.

The station’s general manager, Robert Croteau, informed the Times Union of Kovar’s suspension late Sunday.

Meanwhile, Kovar has presented her side of the incident due to a lack of sleep after tending to her lost father.

Likewise, the situation is currently under internal investigation by the channel and will take action after the investigations are over.

According to Kovar’s latest Twitter post, she has notified her followers of her new time schedule. From Sunday morning, she would be presenting the 7-9 am show and then 6:30 pm and 11 pm shows.


Weather Presenter Heather Kovar Lost Her Father Recently- Her Family In Grief

Heather Kovar has clarified that she had just returned to work early “from a family leave” following her father’s death.

Hence, she had been sleep-deprived while tending to her on-air work. Thus, the blunder occurred, which has now called for her suspension.

Her family has maintained their thoughts on the news at the moment. The dark time has hit the family with the loss of their father and now Kovar’s suspension.

However, Fox News confirms that Kovar had already decided not to renew her contract with the channel.

Kovar mentions that she had notified her decision the station on Friday but had come to fulfill her shift of 6 a.m. Hence, sleep deprivation played the role in the recent news.

Her contract is due until July 31, but, before that, she has been suspended.

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