What Happened To Ian Pannell ABC News Journalist? His absence on the news show has got fans raising concerns as to what’s wrong with him! Let’s take a look at the situation! 

What Happened To Ian Pannell ABC News Journalist? Viewers Are Concerned Of His Absence

Ian Pannell is a senior foreign correspondent for ABC News since 2017, and he was also recently seen going to Ukraine and reporting the condition of the place on ABC’s new channel.

Ian has been actively voicing his thoughts regarding the Russian and Ukraine war going on through his tweets on Twitter.



What Happened To Ian Pannell ABC News Journalist? Viewers Are Concerned Of His Absence

Ian Pannell has been reporting about Ukraine through Kyiv, and he was not seen for days reporting. So, people were worried about what has happened to him. 

Ian has answered the concerns of people through his recent tweet on April 12 in which he stated that he is taking time out from reporting and everything is well.



Furthermore, he told that he will be back in Ukraine for reporting after his break. People sounded relieved after knowing he was okay and was taking a break from the reporting in Ukraine.

Ian has been actively providing insights into the condition of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. People praised him for his efforts in providing the news to people.


Where Is The ABC News Presenter Ian Pannell Now?

Ian Pannell is taking a break from his work now, and he seems to recharge his energy for the further reporting he will be doing in Ukraine.

He has covered major events in the world like the push for democratic change in Kabul, the Civilian protest movement transformed into the civil war in Syria, and the Libya war.

He also has reported on the Ukraine/Russia conflict from the front lines of Crimea, Hamas, and Israel conflict, Nepal after the earthquake struck the country in 2015, and ongoing migrants.

About Ian Pannell Wikipedia Bio And Family

Ian Pannell is a journalist who started his career as a radio reporter for BBC and eventually become a correspondent for BBC World. 

Due to his impeccable reporting, he has won various awards in journalism. He won an International Emmy for his coverage of the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

He is married to his wife but has not disclosed her name, and his family comprises his wife and three children. He is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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