What Happened To KreekCraft Hair? A recent update shows he has cut his hair. KreekCraft is a social media personality who is engaged to his girlfriend Kayla, who is not yet his wife.

What Happened To KreekCraft Hair And Why Did He Go Bald? Meet His Wife

KreekCraft is a YouTube star who is well-known for playing Roblox games on his channel, KreekCraft. He rose to prominence after his Roblox Jailbreak How to Make Money Fast video received a million views in a single day.

KreekCraft has been in the spotlight since he went bald in one of his YouTube live stream videos.



Who Is KreekCraft Wife? Married Life Explored

KreekCraft is not yet married to his girlfriend, Kayla yet but he might turn Kyala into his wife soon. The couple was engaged in 2018, and KreekCraft shared this news through his Instagram post.

Kayla was seen wearing a beautiful oval peach-colored diamond on her hand in the Instagram post, and both were looking happy and smiling in the pictures.


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They have been dating for a while, and Kayla also has her name as kreeks wife on her Twitter account, but it seems the couples are in no rush to get married and are enjoying their relationship as it is.

Kayla is also seen playing Roblox along with KreekCraft, and they met for the first time while playing an egg hunt game in Roblox game. They both are compatible and cute together.

What Happened To KreekCraft Hair?

KreekCraft has cut his hair or he has gone bald in his recent live stream on his Youtube channel. He was hesitant to go bald, but as he had promised to go bald if he hits four million subscribers so, he did it.



Kayla was seen cutting his ponytail in the live stream video, and he was nervous about not only cutting his ponytail but being bald. After being bald, he shared his before and after pictures on his Twitter account.

Why Did KreekCraft Go Bald?

KreekCraft has gone bald as his Youtube channel hit four million subscribers. He doesn’t seem bad at being bald, but it might bit hard to adjust to this new change.

Kreekcraft’s real name is Forest Starling, and he was born on January 28, 1997, in Florida. His Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be about $5.3 million, but it is not accurate as it is under evaluation.

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