What Happened To Susan Winters? A name trending on the web got the attention of the people. People are curious to know about Susan Winters, who is 48 years old lawyer she was a married mother and she was blessed with two children residing in Henderson, Nevada at the time of her death. People are curious to know about his death. She was found in the condition unconscious condition in the time early morning hours of 3, January 2015. They are hitting the search engine to know about her, which you will find in this article. We will tell you each and every detail. Let’s continue the article. 

What Happened To Susan Winters? Death Cause, Biography, Husband And Children

According to the report, She found at her home she shared with psychologist spouse Gregory Brent Dennis and their two daughters. After some doctors had pronounced her dead at a local hospital. Winters’s case was initially ruled to be a suicide after her husband explained told authorities she was not tensed, often made suicide threats and may have consumed prescribed medication with antifreeze, the reason she lost her life. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

What Happened to Susan Winters?

On 7 October 2022, Friday, Susan winter’s murder case in an upcoming episode and given the title A Cool Desert Morning. The episode is scheduled to be telecasted to air at around 9 pm ET on NBC. We have tried our best to tell you all the details about the news. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Some sources say that Susan Winters was a star softball player and even joined the 1983 Class 3 state softball experts, the Blanchard Lions. The former Blanchard, Oklahoma City resident graduated from the reputed university with a degree in political science. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Susan Winters Biography, Husband And Children

Furthermore, In August 1995, Susan winters husband was named Gregory Brent Dennis and by Spring 2002, they were blessed with two children and both were daughters. She adored her child and was an enthusiastic reader, runner, and Elvis Presley fan. However, her marriage was not so easy and the couple widely broke their relationship after a few months in 2013. At the starting of the inquiry into her death. We have shared all the details about the news, which we have fetched from other sources. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.

Susan Winters Husband Was Arrested

In 2017, a Henderson psychologist, Gregory Brent Dennis, was arrested for the murder of his wife, Susan Winters, who died of antifreeze poisoning about two years prior to the arrest. The case, which was initially ruled a suicide, later took an unexpected turn when the cause of death was changed to undetermined, changing the previous status, which was suicide.

What Happened To Susan Winters: Why Did Her Husband Kill Her?

It was alleged that Dennis poisoned his wife to claim over $1 million in life insurance claims and inheritance money to support his drug problem. Earlier this year in May, he was sentenced to prison after entering an Alford plea and is currently serving his mandatory term of three to ten years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in connection with the 2015 death of his wife.

NBC Dateline is scheduled to revisit Susan Winters’ case and husband, Gregory Brent Dennis’ alleged involvement in the murder, in an upcoming episode. The episode, titled A Cool Desert Morning, airs on Friday, October 7, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

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During the initial stages of Susan Winters’ 2015 death, it was concluded that the mother-of-two committed suicide by taking a deadly quantity of prescription opioids and antifreeze together. This information was disclosed to authorities by husband Brent Dennis back then.

However, investigators eventually discovered that Dennis misled them about his wife’s death and had a possible financial reason behind it.

It was further revealed that the couple had previously separated for a few months in 2013 and were going through a tumultuous patch at the time of Winters’ death.

Reports state that Dennis had a drug problem and was draining their finances at the time. Susan even confronted the husband about his alleged substance abuse and threatened to report him to cops and the state licensing board.

Brent Dennis, who claimed he found his wife unresponsive early on January 3, 2015, reportedly claimed over $2 million in financial claims, half of which were to be acquired from his wife’s life insurance policies. Moreover, incriminating internet searches, such as the duration of killing an individual using antifreeze, which contains ethylene glycol, were also found.

According to prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo, Dennis didn’t contact 911 right away and instead waited to make an emergency call after his wife took opioids and also gave the hospital a do-not-resuscitate order.

He also transferred $180,000 into his bank account shortly after the death and even informed a friend about the money, claiming that he was aware that her parents were going to seize all of her holdings.

“He [Brent Dennis] knew that when she died that her parents would freeze that account. The problem for Mr. Dennis is, he knew some nine hours before her death that she was going to be dead.”

Husband Brent Dennis entered an Alford plea for Susan Winters’ murder

In January 2015, Susan Winters’ body was discovered at the couple’s Henderson house. Her death was initially classified as suicide, but Dennis was detained in February 2017 on suspicion of murder. The victim’s cause of death was reclassified as “undetermined” around two months after Dennis’ arrest.

In January 2022, Dennis entered an Alford plea, admitting that the prosecution had evidence to support his guilt but avoiding a guilty plea. A few months ago in May, he was given a maximum ten-year prison term for voluntary manslaughter in his wife’s death.

“While the defendant did not make a verbal admission of guilt, he agreed to receive a 10-year prison sentence for killing his wife. A sentence of that type for a 60-year-old man is clearly justice for Susan.”

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