How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? And how many times have you been crunched for time in the morning, only to skip breakfast all together or grab a granola bar and call it a meal?

We get it—mornings can be hectic (especially if you’re trying to shepherd kids out the door on top of getting yourself ready). So if your goal this new year is to tap into the benefits of breakfast without running hopelessly late for school or work, we asked holistic and functional nutritionist Erica Casavecchia, MS, to share her best tips for taking a nourishing morning meal on the go.

“What you eat for breakfast determines how you are going to feel throughout the rest of the day,” Casavecchia says. “If you don’t have time to eat at home, I recommend meal prepping the night before. This way, you can easily grab your breakfast and be on your way. In order to keep blood sugar balanced and help to keep you satiated throughout the day, it is important to incorporate healthy fats, fiber and protein.”

Some of her must-have (and easily transportable) breakfasts? Smoothies, batch-cooked oatmeal, and overnight oats. She shares her tips for how to prep each of those below, along with her favorite on-the-go product picks from Walmart, where you can grab all your wellness-boosting, healthy-lifestyle-supporting essentials in one place this January. How’s that for a time-saving hack?

Keep scrolling for 10 items to help you take breakfast on the go.

Stasher Stand-Up Mid Bag


Stasher Stand-Up Mid Bag — $20.00


Casavecchia is a big fan of using Stasher silicone bags to store pre-measured smoothie ingredients in the freezer. That way, all you have to do is grab a packet and blend up the ingredients with your liquid of choice, rather than taking the time to chop, measure, and scoop everything when you’re pressed for time. This handy bag can also keep other breakfast goodies safe in the fridge—like a slice or two of avocado breakfast pizza.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Touchscreen Blender


Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Touchscreen Blender — $60.00


Mix up your protein powder and pre-portioned fruits and veggies with this high-powered blender that will look gorgeous sitting on your counter (another time saver if you don’t have to worry about pulling it out of a cabinet every time you want to use it).

Pioneer Woman Jumbo Sauté Pan


Pioneer Woman Jumbo Sauté Pan — $40.00


The blender may be the food prep BFF, but a sauté pan is a handy pal too. This deep aluminum pan cooks loads of breakfast recipes on the stove top with ease, plus it’s oven-safe for recipes up to 350 degrees. Baked oatmeal anyone?

SipWell Metal Drinking Straws


SipWell Metal Drinking Straws — $7.00


Stainless steel straws are great for taking your morning cold brew or smoothie out the door with you (because nothing is worse than spilling an open container of smoothie all over yourself when you’re already running late). This eight-piece set comes with six straws and two brushes, making cleaning and reusing a breeze.

Ball Glass Mason Jar


Ball Glass Mason Jar (Set of 12) — $17.00


A supremely savvy essential? Mason jars. The classic jar makes it easy to bring breakfast (and lunch) on the go without worrying about spills. Casavecchia puts her morning oatmeal mixture (she likes adding nuts and fruit) in individual mason jars in advance, and then all she has to do is dump the mixture in a bowl and add boiling water.

For overnight oats that are even easier to take on the go, she recommends mixing both the wet and dry ingredients the night before, so you can grab your mason jar and go in the morning.

Windfall Travel Utensils


Windfall Travel Utensils — $26.00


Avoid the “ugh I forgot a spoon” moment of frustration when you sit down to eat by keeping a few of these five-piece travel sets (which come in a cute, portable case) stashed in your bag or your car.

Dalix Canvas Tote


Dalix Canvas Tote — $15.00


You’ve got all your reusable supplies on hand, and now you need a way to transport them. An easy-to-clean canvas tote is the key. This one comes in a dreamy lavender hue with a large outer pocket for convenience, and it’s roomy enough to carry your on-the-go meal and other essentials.


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