Where Are Bertha Owens , Willie Henderson, and Kenneth Dailey Now? – Frederick Huff, 64, was beaten mercilessly and had both his TV and VCR stolen in October 1996. About two months later, the alleged perpetrators have apprehended thanks to the testimony of a woman who had been arrested by the police on suspicion of stealing and violating her probation. In “Reasonable Doubt: Villain or Victim?” on Investigation Discovery, opposing evidence is presented to the evidence that led to the conviction. What actually happened, then? Let’s investigate.

Where Are Bertha Owens , Willie Henderson, and Kenneth Dailey Now?

How Did Frederick Huff Die? The California Gardens apartments in South Street’s Benton Park West were built in 1996. Housing subsidies for the elderly, disabled, and low-income people were set aside in Louis City, Missouri. Frederick Huff, who was confined to a wheelchair and occupied a first-floor apartment in the housing complex,voice activator ever since receiving a throat cancer diagnosis. With exterior walkways and steps that resembled those of a motel leading to the second floor, the apartments were built in the shape of a U around a courtyard.

On October 18, 1996, a 64-year-old man, While robbing Frederick Huff of his TV and VCR, four assailants allegedly beat him to death. After receiving 911 calls from Ellen Wright, a neighbor who was in her forties at the time, the police arrived on the scene. The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he passed away 20 days later.


Who Killed Frederick Huff? – When Frederick passed away in the hospital, the police had no witnesses or other supporting information with which to start a homicide investigation. They did, however, get lucky when they apprehended Felicia Jones, who had previously lived on the floor above Frederick’s apartment the night of the assault. In St. Louis, a warrant was issued in her name. 3 counts of theft in Clayton, North Carolina are the subject of pending felony charges in Louis County. She also hadn’t completed her previous probation for third-degree assault and theft.

When she claimed to be a witness to a murder, she faced a lengthy prison sentence. She asserted that she was residing with her boyfriend at the time of the assault.The group of individuals that Virgil “Shaky” Danzie was hosting had been drinking and using crack. Felicia claimed that she and Virgil witnessed four people, including Willie “Smooth” Henderson, Bertha Ann Owens, Paulette Bryant, and her on-and-off boyfriend Kenneth Dailey, beating Frederick to death.

Felicia and Virgil had stood at the storm door and observed the crime take place in front of them. She claimed that the detectives took her so they could take the clothes Kenny had been wearing that evening. Blood was discovered on the neck of the shirt by forensics, but it did not ultimately match the victim’s. Following Bertha, Kenneth, and Willie’s arrest, the detectives brought Ellen in and showed her three sets of pictures, each of which featured the three suspects along with two additional people. The three were the same ones she had earlier seen outside the victim’s apartment, she realized. Frederick’s murder was accused of being committed by Kenneth, Willie, and Bertha, butPaulette was fired for an unknown reason.

Where Are Bertha Owens, Willie Henderson, and Kenneth Dailey Now?

All three were found guilty and given life sentences, with Bertha receiving the harshest punishment of life plus 45 years. But the Midwest Innocence Project was convinced Bertha was innocent, and they’ve been gathering proof ever since in the hopes of having her conviction overturned. The episode claims that Chris Anderson andAdditionally, Fatima Silva spoke with Felicia’s former inmate, named, who claimed that she had tol

In 2001, her appeal was denied. Willie’s case also did, despite the fact that it was the least convincing of all. Moss passed away from heart disease in 2015. The two remaining prisoners are still in prison serving out their terms as of right now.

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Bertha, Willie, and Kenny were easy to dismiss as “scum,” Charley says, convinced that’s why the case unfolded in the way it did.

Willie’s attorney, David Bruns, says, “I don’t think it was a time when there was a lot of oversight of the homicide division of the circuit attorney’s office, and at times of homicide in the police department.” He pauses. “I don’t think Willie did it. I don’t think Bertha did it, either. I think they got too many people.”

Trying all three co-defendants in the same trial was a mess, Kessler adds: “It’s virtually impossible for jurors to distinguish the actions and intent of one party from another when they have been joined in the same trial.”

The only real evidence was the “eyewitness,” he adds, “and you can get anyone to say anything just by saying, ‘Hey, we’re gonna charge you.’ But if someone gets caught in that many lies and the jury doesn’t care? I think it’s more a testament to the presumption of guilt.”

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