Where Is Jimmy Nail Now? Due to a last-minute cancellation, Jimmy Nail, a well-known English actor, will not be appearing in Sting’s musical The Last Ship when it premieres in the UK this year.

Where Is Jimmy Nail Now? Explore His Net Worth Wife and Family

Jimmy Nail is a singer-songwriter, actor, film producer, and television writer. He played Leonard Oz Osborne in the television show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, and the main character in the film Spender.

Nail also had a number one single in 1992 with Ain’t No Doubt and gained international acclaim for his portrayal of Agustin, the oily crooner in the 1996 film Evita.

His pop songs included Ain’t No Doubt, Crocodile Shoes, and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, which he co-wrote with Danny Schogger, Guy Pratt, and Charlie Dore.


What Happened To Jimmy Nail And What Is He Doing Now?

Jimmy Nail is currently preparing to reprise his part as Jackie White in the Newcastle-set musical, which premiered on Broadway in 2015 and closed after only three months.

The actor was sacked at the last moment, when he was set to star in the musical The Last Ship. When the show premiered in March, Joe McGann was supposed to play the sacked actor.

In 2014, Nail used to portray Lenord Osborne. The show directed by Sting was not drawing as many people as expected, so they sought to preserve it by substituting him with Sting himself.



The story revolved around a group of jobless shipbuilders who banded together to complete one final ship. Jimmy was the ideal candidate for the job because of his background as an English actor.

The Last Ship was written by Sting as a tribute to the shipbuilding industry in his hometown of Wallsend.

Where Is Jimmy Nail Now? His Net Worth 2022

Jimmy Nail currently resides in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is thought to have a net worth of over $1 million.

In the year 2000, he started work on a BBC remake of the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet series. It was shot in Middlesbrough and Arizona in 2001 and shown in 2002 to a 13 million-strong audience.

Nail developed and featured as Phil Parker in Parents of the Band, a six-part BBC1 series that aired from November 2008 to January 2009.

Danny, the Champion of the World, based on Roald Dahl’s story of the same name, featured the British actor as gamekeeper Rabbetts.


Learn About Jimmy Nail Wife and Family

Jimmy Nail is married to his partner Guy Retallack. The English artist was born in Newcastle upon Tyne to dad Jimmy and mom Laura.

Retallack had been his long-term boyfriend, and the two married in 2009 and have been together ever since as per the source.

Nial was formerly married to his ex-wife Miriam urged him to audition for a tv series, the actor landed the role of Leonard Jeffrey “Oz” Osborne on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Besides, his dad was a professional footballer, amateur boxer, and Irish Catholic shipyard worker. Shelagh, his 13-year-old sister, died when the multi-talented artist was 20.

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