Where Is Kathrin Suckfuell Now? The 2005 Simone Strobel murder incident was still on a chase until 26 July 2022. Simone Strobel, a 25-year-old kindergarten teacher from Germany, was found dead after being reported missing from the caravan park where Strobel, alongside her boyfriend, Tobias Suckfuell, Suckfuell’s sister, Katrin, and their friend, Jens Martin, had been backpacking through Australia.

Where Is Kathrin Suckfuell Now? Was She Arrested In Simone Strobel's Case

Investigations revelaed that Strobel died due to asphyxia. She was found naked 100 meters from the caravan park they were camping in.

Strobel’s former boyfriend Tobias Suckfuell has been detained today in Western Australia on charges of Strobel’s murder, 17 years after the incident. With the news breaking the headlines, Tobias’s sister, Katrin Suckfuell, is also in discussion, given how the siblings were together when Strobel went missing and was later found dead.


Where Is Kathrin Suckfuell Now?

News on the whereabouts of Katrin and her association with the murder has not been released yet. Major news portals have reported that Tobias Suckfuell, who has now changed his surname to Moran, was only arrested and is prepared to be extradited to New South Wales.

Regardless, people’s curiosity about the whereabouts of Kathrin Suckfuell is entirely viable. Both the siblings, Tobias and Kathrin, were together with Strobel the night Stroble went missing. Moreover, Jens Martin, the group’s friend who was also a part of the backpacking adventure, testified that all three had misled authorities about their behavior before Strobel’s disappearance at Tobia’s request.

Kathrin Suckfuell Alleged Involvement

Kathrin was allegedly a suspect in the murder case of the German backpacker Simone Strobel in 2005. However, there was no sufficient evidence to prove her guilty then.

More than Kathrin, her brother Tobias was the center of suspicion. Jens Martin revealed to the police that Strobel and Tobias’ relationship had grown increasingly strained during the ensuing inquiry. On the night of her disappearance, things had gotten so bad that even Kathrin was in tears. Similarly, he also disclosed that Tobias and Kathrin visited his home in Germany to ask about his testimony to the German police following the incident.

To add more suspicion to the case, Tobias and Kathrin both denied showing up for the subsequent investigation run by Australian authorities back then. And they were allowed to as well because the siblings’ lawyers said they were busy with the German side of the investigation.

Tobias was the main suspect, but he was set free after just investigations and a few court rounds because of a lack of solid evidence against him.

Was Kathrin Suckfuell Arrested In Simone Strobel’s Case?

Kathrin Suckfuell isn’t arrested in the Simone Strobel case. However, she was arrested in 2007 for owning 75.6 grams of marijuana found in her home.

The drugs were discovered as part of the inquiry into Strobel’s death. Kathrin and Tobias refused to attend the resumed investigation into Strobel’s death at the Glebe Coroners Court. When the Australian authorities came in quest of it, it led to the discovery of illegal drugs in Kathrin’s unit in the Bavarian village of Arnheim.

Jens Martin had told in his previous testimonies that the night Strobel went missing, the group was smoking marijuana. Tobias asked Jens not to tell the police what exactly had happened that day and would rather stay unknown about anything because all of them were smoking illegal substances that night.

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