Where Is Sally McNeil Now? Sally McNeil was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania to parents. Richard Dale Dempsey, Sally’s father, was a raging alcoholic who was frequently abusive to her mother.

The stage name of the 60-year-old former bodybuilder was “Killer Sally.” And, despite the fact that she only used that name for her wrestling videos, it was quickly associated with a different incident.

Sally shot her bodybuilder husband Ray McNeil on Valentine’s Day 1995. Sally claimed it was for self-defense after Ray repeatedly abused her.

Sally was sentenced to 19 years in prison for her husband’s second-degree murder, and Netflix has decided to let the former bodybuilder tell her story in their new crime docuseries, Killer Sally.

Quick Facts

Full NameSally McNeil
Date of Birth1960
Father’s NameRichard Dale Dempsey
Siblings2(Judy and Jill)
Former husbandsAnthony Lowden and Ray McNeil
Current husbandNorfleet Stewart
Children2(John and Shantina)

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Who Are Sally McNeil Parents? Meet Father Richard Dale Dempsey

Sally McNeil was born in 1960 to parents. Richard Dale Dempsey, Sally McNeil’s father, was absent during her formative years. Sally’s mother eventually remarried.

The former bodybuilder grew up in a broken family in Pennsylvania. Sally was raised in an abusive household, and she later became a victim of it.

Sally McNeil shares her side of story in the Netflix crime docuseries Killer Sally.
Sally McNeil shares her side of story in the Netflix crime docuseries Killer Sally. ( Source : the-sun )

The day before she murdered her former husband, Ray McNeil, Sally was ready to move back to her mother’s household. Sally’s mother, who had seen her daughter get abused at the hands of Ray, said if she would pay $50 per week, she could move in with her.

Richard Dale Dempsey, the father of Sally McNeil, was an alcoholic and abusive towards her mother. Sally’s mom remarried when she was three and went on to have two daughters from her second marriage.

And though Sally’s mother escaped from her first abusive husband, her second marriage saw no change. Her new husband was abusive, and after the birth of their children, he started to abuse Sally.

Sally’s stepsister got new clothes, whereas her stepfather would berate her. He even beat her with a brush and told her to wear long dresses to not let anybody see the marks.

Sally McNeil Kids – Meet John And Shantina McNeil

Sally McNeill has two kids- John McNeil and Shantina McNeil. The two kids of Sally are from her two different marriages. Shantina from her marriage with her husband, Anthony, and John from a relationship that remains unknown.

1. John McNeil

John McNeil the son of Sally McNeil separated from his mother at the age of 9 as seen in the Netflix docuseries

John McNeils, the only son of Sally McNeils, was nine when his mother shot and killed her abuser Ray McNeil. A fourth grader at the time, John reassured his mother that she was correct to kill him if it was in the act of self-defense.

John has served with the US military and has had five tours of Afghanistan. In the documentary, John said that because of the war in Afghanistan, he subsequently experienced PTSD and drug addiction.

But John has seemed medical advice and is progressing ahead in his life, just like his mother, who, after being released from jail, remarried. John has rebuilt his relationship with his mother and also attended her wedding ceremony.

2. Shantina McNeil

Sally McNeil pictured during her Marine Corps days in the late 80s
Sally McNeil pictured during her Marine Corps days in the late 80s ( Source : thecinemaholic )

Shantina McNeil, the only child of Anthony and Sally McNeils, was 11 when the incident took place. During the investigations in 1995, Shantina supported her mother and said that Ray would choke her mother and, one time, even break her nose in front of them.

Both the kids were raised by their grandmother and only saw their mother once a year. Later in her life, Shantina graduated with an electrical and electronic engineering degree and, like her brother, joined the Army.

Unfortunately, due to her surroundings, Shantina also fell victim to PTSD and found herself in an abusive relationship. Currently, Shantina works for Defense Logistics Agency and lives in Georgia with her son.

Sally’s Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Sally McNeils has a net worth of $500,000. Though she may have taken up a job in a warehouse, now which might not pay her five figures, in the early 90s, Sally was a household name in bodybuilding.

Born and brought up in a poor household, Sally had to give up the dream of becoming a gym teacher as she couldn’t afford to pay her the fee of last semester at a college in Pennsylvania.

Sally McNeil pictured with her former husband Ray McNeil during their bodybuilding career in the early 90s
Sally McNeil pictured with her former husband Ray McNeil during their bodybuilding career in the early 90s ( Source : dnbstories )

After marrying Ray, Sally chose to support her husband’s bodybuilding career and began a career in muscle worship. Men would pay to wrestle with her, and Sally claimed that if she wrestled ten of them, she would earn $3000.

Sally was also a participant in amateur competitions like USA Championships, the North American Championships, and the NPC Nationals. And though she did well in those competitions, she quickly realized that it was muscle worship and wrestling videos that helped her earn more money.

Sally claimed that she had given her former husband Ray McNeil $24,000 to help start his professional career. In 1995, before Sally got acquitted of the murder of her husband, she was out on $250,000 bail.

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Where Is Sally McNeil Now?

Now Sally McNeils lives in Northern California. There she met her current husband, Norfleet Stewart. The two met at a support group while McNeils was on parole.

Sally served 25 years in prison at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California, and was released on parole in May 2020.

The former bodybuilder has now returned to the news as a Netflix crime docuseries, Killer Sally, premiered on November 2, 2022. In the series, she talks about her side of the story and says that she is trying to mend her relationship with her children, John and Shantina.

Sally McNeil Husband – The Bodybuilder Married Three Times

Sally McNei has had three husbands during her lifetime. Her first marriage was with Anthony Lowden, second with Ray McNeil, and third with Norfleet Stewart.

1. Anthony Lowden

Anthony Lowden was the first husband of Sally McNeils. The couple was married for four years and were parents to their daughter Shantina.

Sally’s first marriage was unsuccessful, and the couple went separate ways after the former bodybuilder accused Anthony of domestic abuse.

In an interview with San Diego Union-Tribune, Anthony said, “As sure as Ray McNeil lies “dead,” it could’ve been me.” Lowden said his wife was unhinged, and in 1990, Sally was acquitted of using a firearm against Lowden.

2. Ray McNeil

Ray McNeil and Sally McNeils met in 1987 when the two were in Marine Corps. The two bonded over the topic of bodybuilding and were married the same year they met.

Sally was four years older than Ray. She was 27, and Ray was 23. Before their marriage, Ray and Sally looked like a perfect couple, but things took a violent turn after they tied the knot.

During their marriage, Ray and Sally both were on drugs, and many say that the rage would turn the bodybuilders violent. And after having enough of their violent marriage, Sally decided to shoot her husband twice on Valentine’s Day in 1995.

3. Norfleet Stewart

Norfleet Stewart is the man she is currently married to. The couple met at a support group while McNeil was on parole in May 2020. The couple’s marriage ceremony was attended by both of Sally’s children, John and Shantina.

Some FAQs

Who are Sally McNeil parents?

Sally McNeils was born to parents Richard Dale Dempsey and her mother in 1960.

Who are Sally McNeil children?

Sally McNeil has two children-John and Shantina.

Where is Sally McNeil now?

Sally McNeil currently lives in Northern California.

What is Sally McNeil net worth?

Sally McNei has a net worth of $500,000.

Who is Sally McNeil husband?

Sally McNeils is currently married to her husband Norfleet Stewart.

Is Sally McNeil still in jail?

Sally McNeils is out of jail and now lives in Northern California.

Is Sally McNeil released from jail?

Sally McNeil was released from jail on parole in May 2020.

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