Where is Mandisa Mkhize now? Senzo Meyiwa Wife appears to live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works in a local bank’s Human Resources Department. She has come to the spotlight with the Netflix documentary based on a soccer star. 

Where Is Senzo Meyiwa Wife Mandisa Mkhize Today? Does She Have A Boyfriend Now?

Mandisa Meyiwa is well-known for her relationship with the late soccer player, Senzo Meyiwa. With the airing of the true-crime documentary, the public has started showing interest in her.

Mandisa is known for her controversial relationship with the former soccer star, who cheated on her. She now seems to have moved on and lived a decent life.

Learn more details on Meyiwa as the documentary hit on Netflix. Let’s find out how she is doing after the death of her husband.


Where Is Senzo Meyiwa Wife Mandisa Mkhize Today?

Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, Mandisa Meyiwa, seems to have moved on with her life in today’s days. After the death of the soccer star, she is currently living a lavish lifestyle with her daughter.

34-years-old, Mandisa shares her life updates with her followers on social media. Looking at her pictures, the widow of the soccer player is living her best life.

Meyiwa is currently a single mom raising her daughter, known as Nana. She is available on Instagram with the user handle @madisamkhize01.

Although not verified, Senzo has more than 15k followers on her IG only, who keep on with her life updates.


 Explore Senzo Meyiwa Family And Net Worth In 2022

Senzo Meyiwa lives with her daughter, and she is her family. The mother and daughter are enjoying their expensive lifestyle in the present day.

Meyiwa is known for reportedly owning luxurious cars, like a Mercedes Benz GLE, VQ Golf GTI, and BMW. Still and all, her net worth is under the wrap and remains unknown in 2022.

Senzo is also a media influencer who served in Nedbank as an HR officer in 2009.


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Does Mandisa Meyiwa Have A Boyfriend Now? Relationship Details To Know

Mandisa Meyiwa has not mentioned anything about having a boyfriend now. Regardless of updating her life details on social media, she has not shared any information about her love life.

Considering that, Meyiwa might be single and not in a relationship in current days. Hopefully, we might hear more about her romantic life in the coming days.

How Old Is Mandisa Meyiwa Age? Bio Explored

Mandisa Meyiwa was born on 24 September 1987. She is currently 34-years-old and will soon celebrate her 35th birthday.

Mandisa was known for studying in private school and completing her education at the Durban University of Technology. She has her degree in the field of Business Administration.

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