Where Is Todd Marinovich Today – Find out what happened to him.

He is now an art dealer after being released from the Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana in March 2018.

Todd is a former American and Canadian football quarterback. He played for the Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League, as well as the Canadian Football League and the Arena Football League.

Marinovich is well-known for his dedication to his training as a young athlete and his brief professional career, which was largely cut short due to his drug addiction.

Where Is Todd Marinovich Today? Parents, Wife, Children, Net Worth, And Career

Where Is Todd Marinovich Today?

Todd Marinovich, who lives in Orange County, runs an art gallery. Todd is staying clean in order to avoid further drug-related problems. Marinovich, now 53, has been out of the spotlight recently due to a relapse in his drug and addiction battle.

Given his track record, it is reasonable to assume that relatives and friends are cautiously optimistic. One can only hope that Todd sticks to the plan he devised to stay sober during his previous rehab stay.

Todd today introduces himself as an artist. The former footballer has an Instagram account with a handle name “marinovich.art” where he shares his works and old memories. The account has 295 posts and is followed by 822 people.

Marinovich began working part-time jobs such as painting murals in residential homes, removing barnacles from boats, leading weekly group sessions at a rehabilitation facility, and privately coaching quarterbacks. He still follows football and occasionally attends USC open practices.

The Marinovich Project, an ESPN documentary about Todd Marinovich, was shown after the 2011 Heisman Trophy ceremony. Marinovich coached the quarterbacks for the San Diego Strike Force in the 2019 Indoor Football League season.

Inside Todd Marinovich’s Married Life: His Wife And Children

Todd married Alix Bambas and had two children, Baron and Coski. The couple met while they were both in treatment, and even she admitted that the fact that he asked her out on a date while they were both in medicine was unusual.

To elaborate, the drug court program they attended was run by Newport Beach’s Harbor Justice Center. They married a year later, but the couple later divorced.

Facts On Ex-Wife Alix Marinovich and Family

Alix Marinovich reports that her husband has been drug and alcohol free for several months. On August 11, when he arrived at her mother’s house to pick up their 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, she was certain he was resuming his drug use. She remarked that she could tell by his appearance; his face was skeleton-like, and his beard was gone.

Furthermore, Todd’s wife reported that he has no permanent address and has been staying with his mother in Irvine; he returned the children to her three days later. Alix asked him to stay with her and their children for a few days because she was concerned about his well-being.

Todd stayed until August 16 and then abruptly left and returned on Sunday. His wife, who discovered the situation Monday night on Facebook, claimed that he never brought up the event on Bluecoat. Todd’s mother declined to comment on the incident Tuesday night, and he was unavailable for comment.

When her spouse is sober and clean, as per Alix, he is a fantastic father but appears haunted by his addiction. His wife further added that he tends to self-sabotage and believes he is not worthy of love or fortunate events.

Parents And Ethnicity Of Todd Marinovich

Marv Marinovich and Trudy Marinovich gave birth to Todd Marinovich. When it comes to his ethnicity, he is descended from Americans and Canadians.

His father, who was a well-known figure on the football field, died in 2020. Mark played in college and the NFL before transitioning to strength and conditioning coaching. He was a two-way lineman for the USC Trojans in college, where he captained the 1962 national championship team.

Likewise, Mikhail Marinovich, Todd’s younger half-brother, played defensive end in college football at Syracuse University. His other sibling Traci Grove is working in the nursing field.

Todd Marinovich forewarned Mikhail before he entered in the spring of 2008 after he and a friend were detained for breaking into a gym equipment room after drinking. 

Early Life And Career Of Marinovich

Born in San Leandro, Todd was raised in Newport Beach, California, on the Balboa Peninsula. As aforementioned, his father was a lineman who played in the Rose Bowl in 1963 and served as a captain for the USC Trojans in 1962, the year they won the national championship.

Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, appointed Marv as the NFL’s first strength and conditioning coach after Marv damaged his own National Football League lineman career by overtraining and putting too much emphasis on weight and bulk. Marv had studied Eastern Bloc training techniques.

Two years ago, Marv left the world at 81, battling Alzheimer’s. Marv is the reason and inspiration for why Todd chose football as his career. Trudi, the mother of Marinovich, was a high school swimmer who left USC to wed Marv. At the time, Craig, her brother, was a top quarterback for USC.

Marinovich began receiving athletic training before he was old enough to leave the cradle and continued receiving it throughout his youth and adolescence. Marv later established his own sports research institute and used the skills on his little kid. 

In addition, he saw a chance to employ strategies that ultimately served as the foundation for contemporary core training, concentrating on speed and flexibility. Moreover, Trudi did not consume any salt, sugar, alcohol, or smoke while pregnant; Todd was only given raw milk, fresh produce, and veggies as a baby.

Regarding his passion for his son, in the words of the late Marv Marinovich, “Some guys think the most important thing in life is their jobs, the stock market, whatever. To me, it was my kids. I asked myself, ” How well could a kid develop if you provided him with the perfect environment?”

The tragic Marinovich narrative involves more than just his football failure. The later legal and personal issues after the unsuccessful NFL career are even more troubling.

In the 1991 NFL Draft, the Raiders selected Marinovich in the first round. He started every game in his 8 appearances- 1 in 1991 and 7 in 1992. He completed 104 in 205 passes for 1,345 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 9 interception attempts.

Drug use led to Todd Marinovich’s downfall, which has been well-documented. A month after the 1990 Sun Bowl, the former Capistrano Valley High and USC quarterback was found in possession of cocaine.

After just two seasons, he was cut from the Raiders’ roster due to his continued drug use. Todd entered a guilty plea to felony and misdemeanour charges of growing “marijuana” illegally in his Dana Point home in 1997. He was also charged with illegally carrying prescription drugs.

In 2000, he became a member of the Los Angeles Avengers Arena Football team, but eight months later, he was cut after being suspected of possessing drugs. In 2005, Marinovich was detained again in Newport Beach on drug possession charges.

Two years later, he was accused of having a hypodermic needle without a prescription, resisting detention, and felony possessing controlled narcotics. He was subject to rehabilitation at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, where he met his wife Alix as they both were enrolled in a drug court treatment program.

Coming to 2009, Todd was again booked in Newport Beach as he failed to appear in court for a progress review on his rehabilitation. Following this, he was ordered to be held in jail without bail until his May 4 hearing before the Orange County Superior Court.

Talking about the latest legal trouble, Todd Marinovich was discovered in a neighbor’s backyard on August 22, 2016, naked and possessing drugs. He was then taken into custody in Irvine, California. Authorities claim that Marinovich attempted to open an Irvine home’s sliding glass door while still naked.

Marinovich received citations for trespassing, possessing a controlled narcotic and drug paraphernalia. The controlled substance was identified as methamphetamine by later tests.

He was given a 90-day prison term, but he could avoid it provided he completed a successful recovery program and kept out of problems with the law for 36 months.

Today, Marinovich continues to follow USC football and sporadically shows up to USC open practices. He currently resides in Orange County and maintains an online artwork gallery which presents unique paintings, sketches, and sculptures in an impressionist style, many of which have sports-related subjects.

Todd Marinovich Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Todd Marinovich is 20 thousand USD. Unquestionably, the decades of drug and legal problem has affected him in different aspects of his life, including finances.

His father, however, was estimated to have a net worth of around 3 million USD while passing away. Salary ranges in the National Football League (NFL) are extensive. While players can make up to $50 million at the highest level, some of the athletes annually earn between $400,000 and $600,000 at the bottom.

Some Interesting Facts About Todd Marinovich

  1. In pursuing healthy living, Todd never ate processed foods such as Big Mac or Oreos. Reportedly, he used to take his cake and ice cream to birthday parties to avoid sugar and refined flour.
  2. Todd’s father, Marv, always ensured he ate only unprocessed dairy products and consumed beef that was not injected with hormones.
  3. Todd Marinovich is referred to as “the test-tube QB,” also known as America’s first test-tube athlete, as he was groomed from infancy.
  4. The former football quarterback was not allowed to watch cartoons because his mother thought they were too violent.

Some FAQs

Where is Todd Marinovich today?

Todd Marinovich now runs an art gallery in Orange County. The former quarterback had to face a lot of legal and substance problems.

Who is Todd Marinovich’s wife Alix Marinovich?

Todd Marinovich was married to wife Alix but they divorced after some years. The couple had 2 children.

Does Todd Marinovich have kids?

Todd Marinovich has a son and daughter, named Baron and Coski. Todd and Alix have shared custody of the children.

Who are Todd Marinovich’s parents?

Todd Marinovich was born to his parents, Marv Marinovich and Trudy Marinovich. He grew up in California.

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