Who Are Liz Truss Daughters? Liz Truss and her husband, Hugh O’Leary, have two daughters, Frances (16) and Liberty (13).

Whether Liz Truss’ family moves to No. 10 or, more likely, No. 11 Downing Street—where every prime minister since 1997 has chosen to live because of its larger living space and trendy stainless steel open-plan kitchen—friends of the family say her two daughters, Liberty, 13, and Florence, 16, are unfazed.

The United Kingdom has named Liz Truss as its new Prime Minister. In a news conference this afternoon, September 5, the 47-year-old defeated challenger Rishi Sunak to become the Conservative Party’s next leader.

Who Are Liz Truss Daughters & Children? Meet Frances And Liberty - Net Worth 2022 Of Prime Minister

Who Are Liz Truss Daughters & Children? Meet Frances And Liberty

Liz Truss and her husband have two daughters, Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13. Their lives are mostly kept private, with only the occasional birthday cake photo shared on social media.

Because the two daughters’ parents wish to keep them private, little is known about them. According to The Guardian, the girls are looking forward to having sleepovers with friends after the family moves into Downing Street.

Liz also mentioned in a 2019 interview that her youngest child Liberty enjoys giving fashion advice to her mother.

Liz remarked, “She’s hugely into the concept of a pop of color. She introduces me to stores she might not consider much because she shops at places like New Look and River Island.

Liz Truss Family Life Before Prime Minister Role

Hugh O’Leary, an accountant, is Liz’s husband. He attended the London School of Economics, and it’s assumed that he and Liz, 46, are about the same age. At a Tory Party conference in 1997, the couple first connected, and they went on a date soon after.

The candidate for Prime Minister recalled their first date with Hugh, saying, “She invited him to ice skating, and he hurt his ankle.” Hugh and Liz married in 2000, and this year marks their 22nd wedding anniversary.

The PM candidate frequently posts family photos, including ones from vacations, fun weekends, and cooking. She, her husband, and their two children live in Thetford, a market town in Norfolk.

Despite the fact that her husband is an accountant by trade, he unsuccessfully ran for office as a Tory in municipal elections in 2002.

Britain New Prime Minister Liz Truss

Truss is known for being a political chameleon, having held several different ideologies throughout her life. Truss grew up in an Oxford left-wing household and frequently accompanied her mother to protests in support of nuclear disarmament and in opposition to Thatcher’s Conservative administration, which implemented significant economic changes centered on free markets, privatization, and a small state.

When a student at Oxford University advocated for the monarchy’s overthrow, she oversaw the student organization for the centrist Liberal Democrats. Later, she switched her support to the Conservative Party, which she attributed to maturation.

Liz Truss will succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After a two-month campaign, she was elected as the Conservative Party’s new leader. Truss has only one task left: fly to Scotland’s Balmoral, where the Queen will formally invite her to form a government.

Truss’ political career was jeopardized when it was revealed that she had an affair with a Conservative politician ten years her senior in the early 2000s. However, she was elected to the House of Commons in 2010 and advanced in the Tory party.

As environmental secretary in David Cameron’s administration in 2014, Truss became the youngest female cabinet minister in the nation. She later worked in Theresa May’s and Johnson’s administrations.

How Much Is Liz Truss Net Worth In 2022?

Before 2021, Liz Truss was the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs. In 2019, she was also chosen to serve as Minister for Women and Equalities.

According to the express website, the next prime minister will have a net worth of £8,4 million. According to the same website, her rival candidate, Rishi Sunak, has a net worth of £200million, according to the same website.

Six years later, Truss is an ardent Brexit supporter and the face of the nation’s Thatcherite, Euroskeptic right, a stance that made her the clear favorite of the Conservative Party.

She calls herself “relentless,” which may help to explain why she has advanced so quickly in the Conservative ranks. Being one of the few ministers who did not resign after the fall of Johnson’s scandal-riddled government, she is also seen as being fiercely loyal.

How Does Truss Compare To Boris Johnson?

Gavin Barwell, a former Conservative minister and Theresa May’s former chief of staff, claims that Truss is “broadly continuity Johnson” based on everything she has said during the campaign. Truss follows her predecessor’s lead in terms of foreign policy, particularly when it comes to backing Ukraine.

Truss favors tax cuts in economic policy, but his views on some issues, particularly social spending, where Johnson defied his party’s views on limited government, are likely to be much more divergent.

Truss, like Johnson, is known for her somewhat silly public persona, best exemplified by her widely circulated speech on British pork markets. However, it remains unclear whether she will be able to match Johnson’s appeal, particularly among conservative activists.

Tim Bale,  in London and the leader of a study looking at the membership of the U.K.’s major political parties, asserts that “few persons could equal Boris Johnson’s charismatic appeal.” Liz Truss can’t, for sure.

Top Facts About Liz Truss

Truss did not always identify as a conservative; prior to joining the right-wing Conservatives, she was a member of the moderate Liberal Democrats as a teenager. Liz Truss ran as a Conservative in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, in the 2001 general election, but she was defeated. In 2005, Valley dealt her yet another setback. Truss changed her mind about Brexit in 2016. She initially supported the UK’s continued EU membership, but later changed her mind and backed Brexit. Many commentators have questioned her shift in stance on various issues.

She served as the justice secretary under Theresa May before being named the chief secretary of the Treasury. She has frequently claimed that her time working for Theresa May shaped her personality.

Liz Truss served as the secretary of international trade under Boris Johnson in 2019. In 2021, she was elevated to the highest levels of government and appointed foreign secretary.

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