Who Are Maura Healey Irish Family? Gabrielle Wolohojian is the partner of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey. She serves on the Massachusetts Appeals Court as an Associate Justice. The American politician has kept her relationship private, but she is an outspoken member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

They are not wed. Maura Healey and her partner Gabrielle Wolohojian are now in positions of power in Massachusetts. If Wolohojian is a judge, her partner, Maura, has made history by becoming the first female governor of Massachusetts.

Muara, a former captain of the Harvard women’s basketball team, was also elected as the country’s first open LGBTQIA+ governor.

Muara was a heavy favorite coming into the election and had previously won the primary in a landslide manner over senator Sonia Chang-Diaz. On January 5, Healey will begin her tenure as the state governor, which was previously red under Charlie Baker.

Maura Healey Partner Gabrielle Wolohojian

Maura Healey’s longtime partner is Gabrielle Wolohojian. However, they have not married and are only a live-in couple.

Maura Healey’s partner is a Massachusetts Appeal Court associate justice. Wolohojian has had a successful legal career, which she began in 1991 at a Boston law firm.

The newly appointed Massachusetts governor and her partner have openly supported and are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The couple’s early love life is relatively unknown, with the couple only attending a few events together.

One of the reasons for Maura not sharing much about her love life is probably because it’s easy to get wrapped up in the dating lives of known personalities, which can sometimes take attention away from their work.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Wolohojian earned her bachelor’s degree in 1982 and further completed her Ph.D. from the University of Oxford in 1987.

Maura and her partner, Gabrielle, have had an interest away from their lives as civil servants. Maura is a former captain of the Havard women’s basketball team with many accolades to her name but moved after joining Northeastern Law School.

And if her partner was passionate about sports, Gabrielle loved her musical instruments. Gabrielle is an accomplished musician and violinist at the Boston Civic Symphony and the Boston Bar Orchestra.

The pair are yet to raise a family together, and with Healey defeating the republican Geoff Diehl in the election, the couple may wait a bit longer.

Maura Healey Irish Family

Democratic leader Maura Healey comes from an Irish family. Healey’s paternal grandparents came from Ireland and settled in the US after arriving from Cork.

Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is where Healey has her strong Irish connection. Before the election, the newly appointed governor had gotten strong support from her ancestor’s roots.

The 51-year-old governor had previously spoken about her Irish roots and has worked with groups campaigning for illegal Irish immigrants, which is a part of her wider interest in immigration reform.

Maura Healey speaks to attendees of the Massachusetts Democratic Partys Election Night while celebrating her historic win as Massachusettss first female Governor in the Grand Ballroom at Copley Hotel.
Maura Healey speaks to attendees of the Massachusetts Democratic Partys Election Night while celebrating her historic win as Massachusettss first female Governor in the Grand Ballroom at Copley Hotel. ( Source : gettyimages )

In an interview, Maure said that her grandparents came to the US to escape difficult conditions and fled real poverty and depression in Ireland.

She further stated, “It was their principles and their values I was raised with and I learned a lot growing up about taking care of family, taking care of those who need an advocate, those who need help.”

Healey has brought her Irish roots to great use during the election campaign. During the rally in Massachusetts, Healey said, “You know I’m Irish. I love talking to people, listening to people, and meeting people and this has been a great way to be able to do that across the state.”

Maura Healey Parents – Meet Tracy Healey-Beattie And Jerome J. Healey

Maura Healey was born to parents Tracy Healey-Beattie and Jerome J. Healey in 1971. Maura is the oldest among her five siblings and grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Tracy Healey-Beattie, the mother of Maura Healey, is a former nurse who worked as a nursing teacher in Boston. In 1987, Tracy took the position of school nurse at Lincoln Akerman and retired 22 years later in June 2009.

The mother of the US governor divorced her husband, Jerome, while Maura was in high school and later married Edward Beattie. The couple is married to this date, with Ed retiring the same year as Tracy as a basketball coach at Winnacunnet High School.

From her mother, Mura learned to give back to the community to which Tracy serves to this date. A supporter of the LBGTQ+ community, Tracy never objected to her daughter for showing her true self and has previously worked as an honorary co-chair in an LGBTQ campaign.

Jerome J. Healey, the father of Maura Healey, served as a captain in the U.S Public Health Service and as a civil engineer in the Environmental Protection Agency.

Maura Healey Father – Jerome J. Healey

Jerome J. Healey, the father of Maura Healey, worked in two contrasting fields. Jerome served his country as a captain in the U.S Public Health Service and later worked as a civil engineer.

But it was Maura’s stepfather, Edward Beattie, who played more of an integral role in her life. The governor, a famed basketball player, was coached by her stepfather during her college days.

In an interview with the JFK library, Maura said she owed much of her basketball career to her stepfather, Edward. Edward worked as a teacher and local union president and coached her high school basketball team.

Her stepfather taught at IWinnacunnet from 1979 until 2014 and was the girl’s basketball coach for 33 years. And in 2020, Beattie was inducted into the New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization’s Hall of Fame.

Some FAQs

Who is Maura Healey’s partner?

Maura Healey’s partner is Gabrielle Wolohojian.

Who are Maura Healey’s parents?

Maura Healey’s parents are Tracy Healey-Beattie And Jerome J. Healey.

Who are Maura Healey’s father?

Maura Healey’s father Jerome J. Healey was a captain in the U.S Public Health Service and a civil engineer.

Is Maura Healey married?

Maura Healey is not married.

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