Who Is Ivy Getty? Mother Alyssa Jewels, Age, Net Worth, Wedding, Husband, Family, Father John Gilbert Getty - Wikipedia

Ivy Getty is an American visual artist and model, well-known celebrity child who is the only daughter of John Gilbert Getty, the legendary oil billionaire J. Paul Getty’s grandson who died in November 2020 at the age of 52.

Who Is Ivy Getty? Mother Alyssa Jewels, Age, Net Worth, Wedding, Husband, Family, Father John Gilbert Getty - Wikipedia

Ivy Getty Age

The actress daughter of oil mogul John Gilbert Getty was born in the United States in 1995 and holds American citizenship. She was born on December 20th, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius which means she is 26 years old this 2021.

Ivy’s Family

Ivy is the granddaughter of philanthropists Gordon and Ann Getty of San Francisco. Gordon Getty is the son of the late J. Paul Getty, a businessman, financier, and classical music composer who oversaw the sale of his family’s oil business for $10 billion in the 1980s. In September 2020, her grandmother passed away.


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Ivy’s Father

Ivy Getty is the daughter of guitarist John Gilbert Getty. On November 20, 2020, he passed away. TMZ broke the news of his death, reporting that he was found dead in a hotel room. Although no foul play is suspected, his cause of death has yet to be revealed.

“With a heavy heart, Gordon Getty announces the loss of his son, John Gilbert Getty,” said a statement from his family. John is survived by his daughter, Ivy Getty, and his brothers, Peter and Billy, whom he adored. Andrew, John’s brother, died before him. Ann Gilbert Getty, John’s mother, died in September. John was a gifted musician who was a huge fan of rock & roll. He will be deeply missed.”

She posted a couple of images of her father and herself on Instagram after his passing, captioning them “coolest man to ever land on this planet and I will forever be the proudest daughter.”

Ivy’s Engagement

Toby Engel, Ivy’s longtime boyfriend, proposed to her in September 2020. Toby Engel is the son of Cheryl Prime, a former Coronation Stress actor, and Australian salesman Peter Engel, and was born in London.

She said they met three years ago through her cousin and started dating in 2018.

“We met three years ago through my cousin, but we only began dating two years ago when we stumbled into each other in Paris. With his mother’s ancient engagement ring, he proposed in Capri, on a cliff overlooking the entire island.”

Ivy Getty Mother, Alyssa Jewels 

Ivy Getty’s mother is Alyssa Jewels. Because Alyssa avoids the media, little is known about her. Similarly, information about her profession is kept under wraps.

We’ll have to wait for Alyssa to reveal additional details about her past.

@alyssasjewels is Jewels’ Instagram handle. Her account, however, is currently private, and we are unsure if she is accepting new followers.

Alyssa Jewels is between the ages of 50 and 55. Regrettably, no concrete information about her birth has yet appeared on the internet.

Alyssa Jewels does not have a Wikipedia page. You can find out more about her on many websites and news portals.

Alyssa has a low-key lifestyle, thus nothing is known about her. As soon as the information becomes available, we will notify you.

Was Alyssa Jewels Married To John Gilbert Getty? This information is not available at the moment. We will update you once we have it.

Is Ivy Getty’s mother, Alyssa Jewels still alive? There has been no mention of Alyssa’s death on the internet. Her ex-partner, though, John Gilbert Getty, died at the age of 52. Cardiomyopathy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, compounded by fentanyl intoxication, were the causes of his death.

Furthermore, he breathed his final breath in November 2020.

Ivy Getty Wedding


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Ivy married Tobias Alexander Engel in November 2021 at City Hall in San Francisco, in a ceremony supervised by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Ivy stated that she wanted to host her wedding at her home to remember her grandmother, who was a well-known interior designer and philanthropist who passed away in 2020.

“When my beloved grandma passed away, I knew I wanted the wedding to be held at my home as a tribute to her. Each room of the house was planned by my grandmother, making me feel as if she were there with me. I’d be able to find something that reminded me of her anywhere in the room. Her presence may be felt throughout the house. The house and my grandmother are the central themes of my wedding.”


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Was Ivy Getty’s mother, Alyssa Jewels, present at her wedding? 

Efforts to get this information is still on. Alyssa Jewels is a famous mother. Ivy Getty is her only child. When it comes to Ivy, she is a model and a millionaire oil heiress. She has worked with labels such as Bulgari while being represented by Ford Models.

Fans are interested to discover more about Alyssa after hearing of Ivy’s marriage. As a result, we are not relenting to update you.

Ivy’s Career

Ivy is a model and visual artist who has participated in picture sessions for AWAVEAWAKE, a sustainable clothing business, and King Kong Magazine.

Ivy Getty Net worth

Ivy’s actual net worth is unknown as at the time we published this information.

Ivy Getty Instagram


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