Keaira Hudson Husband Adam Bennefield is 45 years old and is wanted by the Buffalo Police for the murder of his wife.

Who Is Keaira Hudson Husband Adam Bennefield? Find Out How He Killed Her

Who Is Keaira Hudson’s Husband Adam Bennefield?

Not so much is known about Keaira’s husband other than he is a 45 years old man living in Buffalo, New York.

Keaira and Adam got  married in February 2022, and she had described their wedding day as the happiest day of her life in a Facebook post earlier.

According to her, her husband gave her her dream wedding. Unfortunately, only months into their marriage, he became abusive, and Keaira took to Facebook on September 29 to post a video showing him assaulting her.

“Keaira’s family did not want her to marry him. They were so scared for her and tried to reach out to Keaira, but she felt like she was fine,” the friend wrote on Facebook.

Keaira’s Murder: How Did Adam Kill Her?

Keaira Hudson, a mother of three residing in Buffalo, New York, was found dead in her SUV on Wednesday, just days after she posted a video of herself being brutally beaten by her husband, Adam Bennefield, on Facebook.

The 30-year-old, according to her sister Montaysha Jeter, had been living in fear of her significant as their relationship was plagued by domestic abuse — so much that Hudson believed he would eventually murder her if she didn’t get away.
Jeter revealed that her sibling had been staying with their mother because she no longer felt safe to continue living under one roof with Bennefield, and on Wednesday morning, when she made her way to drop her children off at school, Hudson was so frightful that she wouldn’t leave the house without wearing a bulletproof vest.
Hudson had just turned around a corner, when Bennefield is suspected of smashing “into the front of her vehicle and got out of the car with a shotgun, shot her, and pulled off.”
It was just last week when Hudson uploaded the extremely graphic video of herself being viciously beaten by her husband during which time she’s believed to have already escaped to her mother’s home with the kids. “this is what this man does to me but i’m always treated like i’m the abuser!” she captioned the Facebook clip. After dropping off her children, Hudson was expected to attend court later that day to dispute Bennefield’s request for custody of the kids, but she never ended up making it to her appointment.
“She’s just been trying to get help. I’ve been with her going to police stations, she’s been texting me, sending me videos, giving me her phone password just in case,” Jeter continued, detailing how volatile the relationship had gotten. Hudson did not feel safe to by on her own, and even though she was staying with her mother, there was still fear that Bennefield would harm her.
“She would call and ask questions saying ‘what should I do?’ When the video was posted on Facebook, everybody saw it. Everybody was trying to help her and this is what happens.”
But the visits to the police station and handing over evidence should have been enough for law enforcement to take action. Police are currently on the hunt to locate Bennefield, who is accused of fleeing the scene after allegedly shooting Hudson in her car.

His criminal record shows that a similar incident occurred back in 2000 after plowing a stolen car into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle before holding her and a passenger at gunpoint as the 45-year-old attempted to shake off law enforcement during a high-speed chase. . WATCH HER ABUSE VIDEO HERE

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