Tim Westwood Earrings put together in recent years made his net worth amount to over $9 million.  Tim Westwood is one of the richest TV Show Host. Continue reading to explore his actual wealth!

Tim Westwood Earrings Made Him Wealthy - Check Out His Net Worth In 2022

Tim Westwood is a British DJ and veteran radio presenter. He has presented so many hit shows like MTV UK’s Pimp My Ride UK. In recent years, we have seen him present for the UK Play for the UKTV channel.

Westwood has made headlines after being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. He has, however, categorically refuted the charges.


Tim Westwood Earrings Made Him Wealthy – Check Out His Net Worth In 2022

British DJ Tim Westwood has a net worth of $13 million, as per Celebrity Networth.

It seems like Westwood’s wealth has increased since 2018. According to The Sun, his net worth was $9 million USD the following year.



Also, a top DJ and radio host like Westwood receives a salary of around £52 thousand, as stated in the pay scale.

Presently, Westwood also owns the Justice Entertainment company, which has an estimated market value of more than $100 million USD.

Tim Westwood Has Earned His Wealth Working In Radio

Most of Tim Westwood’s wealth is attributed to his prolific radio career and album sales. He has contributed to the industry for more than two decades.

Westwood had worked for top channels like BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra. He debuted on March 23, 1985, as a guest on a BBC program called “Meridian”. Ultimately, he had become the channel’s longest-serving broadcaster. After leaving BBC, he returned to the Capital network, where he broadcasted Saturday nights’ Capital Xtra.

Another great source of his wealth is his Youtube channel itself. His verified channel named TimWestwoodTV has amassed a total of 1.32 million subscribers. The channel has earned more than 500 million views so far. He has featured some of the greatest artists of our generations like  Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Drake.

Following his contribution to the industry, he has been honored with the best UK Radio DJ title.

DJ Tim Westwood Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Tim Westwood is facing abuse allegations from multiple women. In April 2022, her accusers finally revealed that they were groped by the radio icon.



Furthermore, he has been accused of unwanted sexual behavior that dates from 1972 to 2017. Exclusively, seven different women have said he took advantage of them. Three of which have accused the DJ of opportunistic and predatory sexual behavior. The other four have alleged him of groping them during events and two of them were underaged during the incident.

Meanwhile, Westwood has totally denied the claim made against him.

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