Mariam Hadid is a TikTok content creator whose videos about Islam have recently gone viral. She is best known on TikTok as “the hijab girl.”

Who Is Mariam Hadid TikTok? Is Related To Andrew Tate - Hijab Girl Goes Viral

Netizens are slamming Tiktoker Mariam Hadid after she explained her decision to leave Islam in a recent video. The Arab woman stated that she became an atheist after discovering that her “faith was false.”

In the video, the TikTok creator doesn’t hold back from saying what may be “offensive” to the religion. She has come into the spotlight recently for defaming the Islam religion, and she does so by wearing a hijab.


Who Is Mariam Hadid TikTok? Hijab Girl Goes Viral

Mariam Hadid is a social media content creator known for her TikTok presence.

As per her TikTok bio, she calls herself “the first female prophet.” The woman often talks about how she has started her religion and urges other people to join the faith. Other times, she says that she is an atheist.

Hadid boasts about 82k followers on TikTok until now. And she has amassed more than 286k likes on her TikTok videos. Her last ten videos have accumulated a total of 17 million views; such has been the rise of her popularity recently.

Moreover, according to her bio, Mariam Hadid is an Ivy League Engineer. She also describes herself as a comedian and humanist. The internet celebrity is often spotted live streaming on Twitch, where she talks about her views on religion and faith.

One can get to know her more through her website.


Mariam Hadid isn’t related to the streamer, Andrew Tate, but they might have had acquaintance online.

If you’re asking whether Mariam Hadid and Andrew Tate are dating, the answer is no. They haven’t even appeared together on social media.

But the two of them do share a common ground. Recently, both of them have been talking about the Islam religion and not many good things about it, even though Tate has verbally supported the faith. So, many people on social media suspect that the two of them might be together.

Mariam hasn’t revealed anything about her boyfriend or partner until now. She is currently slammed for her hijab videos, where she does things that aren’t supposed to be done according to Islam.

Many followers saw this as a mockery of the religion and asked social media platforms to delete her accounts. And rightly so, her Instagram account, which had over 30k followers, has been deleted.

Mariam Hadid Age And Family: Is She Arabic?

Mariam Hadid is a young TikToker. She hasn’t revealed her age but looking at her pictures, she might be in her late 20s.

Moving on, people on social media address her as the “Arab girl.” She wears a hijab most of the time in her videos but says that she doesn’t have faith in Islam.

Furthermore, Hadid hasn’t shared any details about her family either. She often wears a mask captioned “Mariam Hadid” and talks to her viewers in most videos.

And her recent views on Islam have caught the attention of people worldwide as they want her accounts to be deleted.

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