Who Is Mario Lanza Daughter Ellisa Lanza Bregman? As the lone child of renowned actor and singer Mario Lanza, Ellisa Lanza Bregman is well known. Out of his father’s four children, she is also the lone survivor.

Who Is Mario Lanza Daughter Ellisa Lanza Bregman? Meet His Wife And Other Children

Ellisa Lanza’s father rose to fame as one of the greatest tenors the world had ever heard thanks to standards like “Because You’re Mine,” and she is more than happy to continue the proud lineage of his legacy.


Who Is Mario Lanza Daughter Ellisa Lanza Bregman?

Ellisa Lanza is the second of his father Mario’s four children. She was birth in Beverly Hills, California’s Los Angeles County.

Despite having lived in Los Angeles for the majority of her life, she feels at home wherever she goes. Her early years were spent in Beverly Hills, but in 1957 the entire Lanza family moved to Rome as a result of her father’s fame.

Ellisa has been tasked with helping and interacting with the various organizations of Mario’s admirers as the last surviving child. She also invests a significant amount of time in this work by attending events and giving speeches to audiences.

Being the daughter of the first commercially successful opera popular music crossover musician, she is happy to see the same diversity in modern crossover singers like Mark.

Meet Mario Lanza’s Wife And Other Children

Mario Lanza married his lover Betty Lanza in 1945 and had four children with her. It was almost love at first sight when he met her through her brother.

On April 13, 1945, a short time after Mario received his Army discharge, the couple was married in a civil ceremony. They were remarried on July 15, 1945, in a Catholic church. They were blessed to have Colleen, Ellisa, Damon, and Marc as their four children.

Betty returned to Los Angeles with the kids after Mario’s death. She moved in with him about five months after Mario’s accidental drug overdose death.

Ellisa’s children were raised by their grandparents after their parents’ untimely deaths. Her siblings, however, also met the same end as her parents. Colleen, one of their four children, later became a screenwriter and died in a car accident in 1997. Ellisa is the only survivor of Mario’s two sons, Marc and Damon, who passed away from heart attacks in 1991 and 2008, respectively.

Age: When Was Ellisa Lanza’s Born?

Over 65 years old is Ellisa Lanza. All four of Mario’s children were born in the 1950s, and since she is the second oldest, she must have been born in the middle of the decade.

Marc, her younger brother, died in 1991 at the age of 37, and Damon, his older brother, died in 2008 at the age of 55. The evidence indicates that Ellisa Lanza was born sometime between 1953 and 1956.

Ellisa Lanza’s Husband, Bob Bregman And Their Two Sons

Soon after receiving her high school diploma from Palisades, Lanza began her acting career. She met Bob Bregman while on the road. And they got married after falling in love.

Additionally, during their marriage, Tony and Nick, two boy children, entered the world. One of Ellisa’s grandchildren, Weston, was most recently welcomed into the world by her son Nick and his wife Rachel.

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