Who Is Tamra Cumbie? Sonny Cumbie has been married to Tamra Cumbie for a long time. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out on in his family life!

Sonny Cumbie is Louisiana Tech University’s current and 34th head coach.

Meanwhile, he is best known for his time at Texas Tech University.

Cumbie previously served as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Because of the university’s internal management, his recent position as head coach at Texas Tech drew negative feedback.

Who Is Tamra Cumbie? Meet Former Texas Tech Coach Sonny Cumbie Wife

Who Is Tamra Cumbie? Meet Former Texas Tech Coach Sonny Cumbie Wife

Tamra Cumbie, Sonny Cumbie’s wife, is his long-time partner and best friend.

He and Tamra were college friends until their romance blossomed into a marriage.



In their lives, the soulmates have many similarities. For example, both are from Snyder, Texas.

The second thing they have in common is that they both graduated from Texas Tech.

Cumbie has a Bachelor’s degree in history, and Tamra has a Master’s degree in technical communication.

Tamra is currently devoted to her family, while Cumbie works for the family’s well-being.

According to his Twitter bio, Sonny is a devoted husband.


Sonny Cumbie and Wife Age Difference Explored

Given their closeness, Sonny Cumbie and his wife Tamra have a small age difference in their relationship.

Cumbie is 40 years old, having been born on August 8, 1981.

Meanwhile, Tamra’s complete birth date is still being considered and will be updated very soon.

Meet Sonny Cumbie Kids

Sonny Cumbie and Tamra Cumbie are married and have two children.

They have two sons from their marriage, Grey and Hays.

Sonny’s career and life decisions are supported by the entire Cumbie family.


Sonny Cumbie Net Worth Explored

Sonny Cumbie’s net worth has not been disclosed at this time.

Given his success in college football, he has undoubtedly earned enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle for himself and his family.


Was Texas Tech Coach Sonny Cumbie Fired?

Former Texas Tech coach Sonny Cumbie was not fired. In fact, his predecessor, Matt Wells, was fired in October.



Cumbie was then promoted to the position of head coach at the university, but he was later reassigned to his previous position as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Following his stint, he was recently hired as the head coach of Louisiana Tech University.

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