An examination of “Who Killed Katelynn Nicole Stone?” People are looking for Katelynn Nicole Stone’s obituary after she was found shot to death in West Jefferson County on Sunday.

As a result, Chelsea Ann-Marie Shipp was identified as a suspect, and Cody Arnold was arrested. According to Sain of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Cody Arnold’s live-in girlfriend is Stone. Cody Arnold was immediately apprehended.

Shipp and Brandy Moon have kept in touch since they co-worked at the cleaning company Latitude Adjustments, which cleaned vacation properties in Crystal Beach, Texas.

Shipp and Arnold asked to come by Moon’s Winnie, Texas, house on Friday night, according to Moon’s account to the police.

Shipp and Arnold stayed for ten to fifteen minutes with Stone alone. According to Moon, Stone was referred to by Shipp as Arnold’s girlfriend.

Moon said that she discovered Shipp and Arnold were also dating through a mutual contact. After being detained, Cody Arnold acknowledged having a relationship with Stone to the Police.

Obituary: How Did Katelynn Nicole Stone Die?

Since the case is still sensitive, there is not much information revealed regarding the victim. Hence, Katelynn Nicole Stone Obituary was not found anywhere on the internet.

“All I can say is it’s a cold world for such a lovely soul to be snatched,” wrote a woman claiming to be Katelynn Stone’s mother, Mandi Michelle.

Who Killed Katelynn Nicole Stone?
Chelsea Ann-Marie Shipp before and after her arrest. (Source: Law And Crime)

Where did these individuals go wrong to be so violent in taking my baby? She composed. Has the world treated them so poorly that they believe it is OK to take a life for such pitiful reasons?

After Shipp’s arrest, Mandi Michelle posted again on Facebook to criticize the suspects’ “brutal, vile heartlessness.”

Sadly, there was no Katelynn Nicole Stone Obituary, as her family has been sensitive regarding the topic since then.

What was Katelynn Nicole Stone Cause of Death?

We are currently puzzled about how Katelynn Nicole Stone died. For now, we can’t expect many resources from Katelynn Nicole Stone’s family as they are not in the right set of mood to describe Katelynn Nicole Stone’s death. We assure you, that we will add the factual details once we are provided them.

The passing of Katelynn Nicole Stone has brought a lot of sadness to the Katelynn Nicole Stone family and let’s pray that their mourning and agonizing end sooner. We ensure you that we will be regularly updating all the information regarding Katelynn Nicole Stone’s death when the details are made aware.

The sudden death is a heart-wrenching event for all the friends and family. Let’s add it to our prayer that Katelynn Nicole Stone’s family is added with more courage to tolerate Katelynn Nicole Stone’s loss.

Who Killed Katelynn Nicole Stone? Murder Case Update

New information is becoming available regarding the Texas couple accused of killing an adolescent who may have been pregnant.

Following public appeals from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, who worried Shipp was still armed and dangerous, Shipp was captured on Thursday.

Stone was discovered dead at Cody Arnold’s Beaumont residence after Brandy Moon, a friend of Chelsea Shipp, informed the authorities that Shipp had admitted to the crime.

Stone’s body was found in a carpeted bedroom of Arnold’s mobile home after the detectives were allowed admission after arriving at Arnold’s property.

Cody Arnold
Cody Arnold mugshot. (Source: Law and Crime)

According to Det. Brian K. Sain of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the lower half of the body was wrapped in a blanket, the upper half in a black garbage bag, and a shell casing was visible on a pillow.

Cody said Stone, who was only 16 years old, might be pregnant. According to Cody Arnold, Chelsea had warned him that he would face the consequences for getting her pregnant.

Shipp got in touch with Moon on Saturday and requested permission to trade her white Dodge vehicle for Moon’s 2014 blue Nissan Maxima because Shipp claimed to “had some business to take care of.”

On Sunday morning, when Shipp brought the car back, she seemed on edge and allegedly urged Moon to lie about where she had been.

Don’t forget, Shipp said to Moon, “if anyone questions you, I was with you in Baytown, and Cody had your car.”

Before informing Moon that she had Stone under control, Shipp first asked her to board her truck. Shipp allegedly replied, “I shot her,” in response to Moon’s question about what she meant.

In the affidavit, Sain stated that Chelsea “made a shooting motion with two fingers as if she were shooting a gun and moved her thumb two times downward like she was firing a gun.”

Both Shipp and Arnold are being held at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility on a $1 million bond after being accused of murder. Jail records do not indicate if either suspect has pleaded guilty or when they are scheduled to appear in court.

2 suspects in custody in connection to the fatal shooting of teen

Two suspects are in custody in connection to the fatal shooting of a teenager in West Jefferson County from March 27.

The video above is ABC13’s 24/7 livestream.

At about 5 p.m. deputies responded to a murder in the 14000 block of Kolb’s Corner, investigators said.

Upon arrival, deputies said they discovered the body of 16-year-old Katelynn Nicole Stone who succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Cody Arnold, 22, was arrested at the home and charged with murder. His bond has been set at $1 million.

On March 31, Chelsea Shipp, 24, was arrested at a residence in Liberty Hill, Texas after a murder warrant had been issued for her connection in the fatal shooting.

Shipp was transported to Jefferson County Correctional Facility and booked, investigators said.

There are no further details on her charge status.

Shipp is known to frequently visit Galveston County, Chambers County and West Jefferson County. Home |

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