Who Slept With Dennis Rodman Wife? Cheat Details With Teammates

Who Slept With Dennis Rodman Wife? Who did his wife cheat on him with? Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player, discussed his marriage in the trailer for a new VH1 show called The Surreal Life. He claimed in the video that one of his teammates slept with his ex-wife.

He is known for his tenacious rebounding and defensive abilities, and is regarded as one of the NBA’s most talented forward rebounders. He was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team seven times and twice won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. He also won five NBA championships and held the record for the most consecutive years as the NBA’s leader in rebounds per game.

Despite being a well-known sports star and one of today’s wealthiest athletes, he still has marital problems. Dennis Rodman has never been good at maintaining relationships. He’s been married three times, but none of them have lasted.

In the trailer, Dennis is shown discussing one of his ex-wives having an adulterous relationship with one of his colleagues, but it’s unclear which ex-wife he’s referring to. Viewers can expect to learn more about this topic when the program airs on VH1.

ProfessionFormer NBA Player
DOBMay 13, 1961
BirthplaceTrenton, New Jersey, U.S.
Marital StatusDivorced
Former WivesMichelle Moyer (m. 2003–2012), Carmen Electra (m. 1998–1999) & Annie Bakes (m. 1992–1993)
ChildrenTrinity Rodman, Alexis Rodman & DJ Rodman

Who Slept With Dennis Rodman Wife? Cheat Details With Teammates

Dennis hasn’t explicitly mentioned the details of the incident, but he did say that one o his teammates slept with his wife before the NBA game night some years ago.

After over a decade, the original reality series made a triumphant comeback to television with a colorful group of A-list celebrities. It is a reality television program produced in the United States that follows a group of famous people as they share Glen Campbell’s old mansion in the Hollywood Hills for two weeks. In the teaser trailer, which showed Dennis sharing an emotional moment with his co-stars, viewers got a preview of the mayhem that broke out in The Surreal Life home.

The seventh season, announced in July 2021, had eight celebrities living together and taking part in various tasks. Many celebs appearing on the program will live together in a house, expected to create a ton of drama.

Maintaining relationships has never been Dennis Rodman’s strong suit. Even though he has been married three times, none of them have lasted. In the preview for the episode, Dennis Rodman is heard talking about one of his ex-wives having an adulterous relationship with one of his buddies.

Inside Dennis Rodman’s Married Life

Rodman is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever to play the game. He is still considered one of the most influential players in the league whose contribution to his respective teams is counted as priceless. Despite being surrounded by such greatness, he frequently battled with minor issues in his private life. Rodman struggled greatly with his love life, finances, and the negative attitude that often bothered him.

The former Chicago Bulls player spoke about his marital difficulties in the recent VH1 reality program trailer. The 61-year-old was three times married, but none of his marriages survived. During the trailer, Rodman discussed one of his wives having an adulterous relationship with one of his colleagues. This has created a buzz on the internet, and fans are keen to know about the marital life of the former NBA star.

NBA Legend’s First Marriage

Rodman married Annie Bakes, his first wife, in September 1992. They began dating in 1987 when he was a part of the Detroit Pistons’ squad and were happy to have the other person in their life. They also got a blessing from a daughter they named Alexis Caitlyn.

Dennis Rodman Married His First Wife, Annie Bakes, In 1992
Dennis Rodman Married His First Wife, Annie Bakes, In 1992 ( Source : thesportsrush )

Annie was a model at that time and at the peak of her career. At the age of 16, Annie began modeling, and by the time she was 18, she was a club hostess. She eventually entered the adult film industry; however, her career as an adult model was cut short by a vehicle accident in 1986.

However, the couple’s relationship was short-lived due to the various issues they experienced, which made the impression that it had little chance of success. Charges of infidelity and abuse destroyed their relationship. Eventually, they obtained a divorce 82 days after they became husband and wife.

The Second Marriage

On November 14, 1998, Rodman married Carmen Electra, another model, who came into his life as his second wife. Dennis and Carmen initially met in a Los Angeles pub and immediately hit it off. They had fun together in Los Angeles and married in Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their relationship, however, was precisely as brief as his marriage to Annie. They even attempted to have their marriage declared null and void nine days after getting hitched since their ceremony was perceived as an elopement. Rodman asked for an annulment because he wasn’t mentally competent at their wedding. They divorced for a year before it was finalized. Even though they reconciled, Electra filed for divorce in April 1999. Later, she said that being Rodman’s girlfriend wasn’t ideal for her work.

Third And Final Marriage

Since it lasted from 2003 to 2012, Dennis’s third and final marriage to Michelle Moyer is his longest-lasting union. After dating for four years, they married on his 42nd birthday in a small civil ceremony in Newport Beach, California. However,  Michelle Rodman filed for divorce in 2004, even though they had made attempts at reconciliation for years.

When Michelle asked the court for a divorce in 2012, the marriage was formally dissolved. According to the reports, Rodman owed $860,376 to his wife in spousal and child support. Before getting married, they already had a daughter, Trinity, and a son, Dennis Jr, whose custody was given to their mother.

Where Are Dennis Rodman’s Children?

Dennis struggled with his former wives but had a good relationship with his children.

Dennis is the father of three kids, born to two separate women. However, he never had an average time as a parent with his children most of the time. Chaotic events surrounded his life, and unfortunate incidents tarnished his love life. However, he has fulfilled his responsibilities as a parent and looked after every requirement of his children while growing up. He gave them worldly energy and helped them follow the path that led to the victorious life they are enjoying now.

When Alexis Rodman, a daughter of his first wife Annie Bakes, was born in 1988, he experienced fatherhood for the first time. Nothing is known about her life now except that she is married and has a kid named Vincent with her spouse. She has kept herself out of the spotlight and led a private life. However, her childhood was not idle as she faced several difficulties growing up because of her parent’s relationship.

In Annie’s 1997 interview with the Chicago Tribune, she discussed her daughter’s childhood and the consequences she faced. Alexis was not pleased with her father’s activities since people were asking her about his girlfriends, which was not a pleasant experience for little Alexis. She had to go through anger management therapy since she displayed a lot of anger at the time and was harboring it toward her mother because she had divorced Dennis.

Dennis became a father for the second time when his girlfriend,  Michelle Moyer, gave birth to her first and Dennis’ second child, Dennis Jr. He also didn’t have an ideal father-son relationship with his dad. His mother reared him as a lone parent as the father didn’t pay attention frequently during that time. Still, as he grew up, he eventually followed in his father’s footsteps to become a recognized college basketball player. He has a bright future and even plays in the NBA, becoming a game legend like his father. Currently, he attends Washington State University.

Rodman’s third and final child is his daughter, Trinity, born in 2003. Trinity is a professional football player for the Washington Spirit and the US women’s national team. While Trinity went to all the same schools as DJ, she decided not to play soccer in college because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead, she elected to get professional at 18, becoming the youngest player ever drafted into the NWSL.

Some FAQs

Who Slept With Dennis Rodman Wife?

Who Slept With Dennis Rodman Wife?  Dennis Rodman mentioned one of his teammates sleeping with his former wife in a trailer clip of VH1’s show, The Surreal Life. He hasn’t disclosed the name of his wife or teammate in that video.

How Many Times Has Dennis Rodman Been Married?

Dennis Rodman has been married thrice. However, none of his marriages were successful, as all ended with a divorce.

How Many Children Does Dennis Rodman Have?

Dennis Rodman has three children with two different women. His eldest daughter’s status is unknown right now but his other two childrens play competitive sports in the USA. Back To Home Page

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