Meghan Landowski Parents Now – Where Are They? Parents of Meghan Landowski are now residing in Portsmouth, Virginia. Angela Shortt, the mother, stated in a published interview that she wanted her daughter’s killer to publicly apologize.

Meghan Landowski was a performer who loved to dance. She began her career as a ballet dancer before moving on to other genres.

Her parents claimed that she quickly made new friends and enjoyed being everyone’s friend.

Meghan Landowski Parents Now - Where Are They? Details Of How The New Broke To The Family

Meghan Landowski Parents Now – Where Are They?

Meghan Landowski parents now are living in their home in Simonsdale, Portsmouth. Megahan is survived by her stepfather, Chris Shortt, and Angela Shortt.

Meghan Landowski’s mother, Angela Shortt, understands that she can’t change what happened to her 16-year-old daughter.

On the other hand, she wanted to hear Meghan’s killer admit what he did. During the trial, Angela watched as Robert Lee Barnes pleaded guilty to Meghan’s sexual assault and stabbing death on April 10, 2008.

Robert is a 17-year-old former classmate and friend of Meghan.

In his plea agreement, he admitted to first-degree murder, attempted rape, aggravated sexual battery, abduction, and statutory burglary.

Meghan Landowski Mother Angel Shortt Still Misses Her

Meghan Landowski mother, Angel Shortt, still misses her daughter. She wanted her killer to accept the crimes, and so did it happen. 

Landowski was a beautiful dancer who could make friends quickly. She had many admirers. 

Meanwhile, the Shortt family never imagine witnessing the cold murder of her child in their home.

Landowski went to a prestigious high school to focus on dance. 

She preferred to attend a regular high school to be with her neighborhood friends. Meghan has been described as outgoing and friendly. 

Meghan Landowski Step Father Chriss Shortt, Broke The News To The Family

Meghan Landowsko stepfather, Chriss Shortt, first saw the dead body. After the discovery, he called 911.

Meghan was stabbed to death in her home in April 2008. Her brutal death alarmed her neighbors, who wondered if it was a random attack.

Megan was a 16-year-old former dance student who was found in a pool of blood and stabbed more than 40 times. She was sexually assaulted.

Investigators learned six months later that the killer had been close by. He was a friend of Meghan’s who had previously visited the house.

However, Barnes tried to contradict the story he told police earlier: that a masked man who was already at the house when Barnes arrived forced him to bind and assault Landowski at gunpoint


 Who Is Meghan Landowski Biological Father, And Where Is He?

48 Hours NCIS: To catch the killer, recited the story of Meghan Landowski. Moreover, Meghan Landowsko’s biological father, Mr. Landowski, has not been discussed in the series.

According to, She is survived by her parents, stepfather Chris and Angela Shortt; a sister, Elizabeth Gable; a brother Corey Landowski. 

Her paternal grandfather Charlie Shortt, maternal grandparents Mary and Don Howe; maternal great-grandmother Eula Mae Dedeaux; and paternal great-grandfather Doug Mincey were essential family members.

Landowski was preceded in death by a paternal grandmother Tanya Herring and maternal great-grandfather, Odis Dedeaux. 

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