Who Was Ramy Iskander From Belmore Shooting? Victim of the Belmore shooting Ramy Iskander was the nephew of infamous gangster Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad.

Who Was Ramy Iskander From Belmore Shooting? Meet His family

On early Saturday, Knox Street in Sydney was the scene of a deadly shooting in which a man named Ramy Iskander was shot. Officers and paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after, hoping to save his life.

The man died as a result of his gunshot wounds; in the meantime, officers began an investigation into the incident. There has recently been an update on the victim’s identity, which may be related to the case.

Let us learn more about the shooting victim and his bereaved family.


  Who Was Ramy Iskander? Belmore Shooting Victim

Ramy Iskander, a Belmore shooting victim, turns out to be the nephew of an infamous gangster named Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad. He died in the hospital after getting severe gunshot wounds in his torso.

He was only 23-years of age when he passed away, becoming the deadly shooting victim. As per the neighborhood people near the area, they saw a car speeding in the street and heard about ten gunshots.

Further, the officers are investigating the case while closing the traffic in the street. As the victim is the nephew of the gangster, the officers are trying to find out if the shooting incident is gang-related or not.

Also, as mentioned by The West, this is the third event of the fatal shooting in the past weeks.


Who Is Ramy Iskander Wife? Meet His family

The officers have yet to provide more information on Rami Iskander’s personal life. He was only 23-years when he lost his life and had two young children with his wife.

Also, his family might be mourning his sudden death after the shooting. They have maintained their privacy for the moment, but there is a chance they might be co-operating with the officers.

For now, it is only known that he had a family relationship with the gangster Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad.

Ramy Iskander Intento Design CEO Net Worth As People Confused Him With The Shooting Victim

Currently, people have confused the shooting victim, Ramy Iskander, with the Intento Design CEO. However, those two are different people, and the one who died is in his 20s.

As for the Ramy Iskander of Intento Design CEO, his estimated net worth might be over a million. However, as he has kept his earnings private, the accurate data remains in the public’s interest.

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