Why you should try combat sports this year
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Let’s discuss “Why You Should Try Combat Sports This Year?” We are a race of sports lovers. Even the planet humans cling to as it races around the sun is shaped like a soccer ball. Some of us play sports while others are happy enjoying from the comfort of their home, watching teams compete live on television.

A growing number of fans even target a profit from their enjoyment by gambling at the biggest and best bookies mentioned in the most reliable online sportsbook reviews. There are plenty designed to catch your attention and encourage you to wager on the next game.

It’s time to get started

Perhaps you have always been a sports fan who is happier to sit on the sidelines and cheer, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the show. But this could be the year when you finally cross the white line, moving from a spectator to a competitor. You don’t need to be an aspiring professional or amateur athlete dreaming about qualifying for the next Olympic Games. Sports are for everyone, with many different levels covered.

Joining your local sports team can be a great way to build your fitness levels, meet new friends and spend more time in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air as you aim to improve your averages or win your team the trophy they have been dreaming of all season.

But which sports are best to try, and how can you get started.

In this article, we focus on combat sports, picking out three you should try before the end of the year. The three chosen are guaranteed to improve your fitness, ramp up your friends’ list and add confidence to your game. The combat sports listed in this article are inclusive, welcoming, friendly and safe. They are great for both adults and kids, and there is nothing in the rules that state you must compete or even spar. You can join purely for the fitness and enjoyment of learning a new trade.

Why You Should Try Combat Sports This Year
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One of the oldest combat sports in the world, boxing is as popular today as it has ever been, with more bouts shown live on television and streaming apps. You don’t need to hold dreams of being the next Tyson Fury to take up the noble art. Simply visit your local amateur boxing gym or fitness centre, strap on the gloves and hit the heavy bag, smashing your worries and stresses away, at least for an hour.

Boxing is the original full-body workout, with the average session taking you through the technique involved in throwing a punch. The cardio needed to maintain an onslaught and the strength to add power to your punches. Boxing is a great way to build fitness, strength and confidence while losing weight and shedding worries.

Muay Thai

Another ancient art that will push your body to the limits. There are two types of Muay Thai – one that has been crafted by the western world to look good and the original meant to bring the hurt to any would-be attackers.

Muay Thai, like boxing, is a savage sport, so it must be practised in the right setting with qualified trainers and sympathetic sparring partners. Check that the gym you plan to join is insured and the coaches have the relevant experience. You can enjoy this technique of combat and self-defence without having to spar, hitting bags and pads with punches and kicks. You’ll notice your weight dropping almost as fast as your power, and the intensity of your attacks increases.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – often referred to as BJJ for short – is growing more popular by the day. If you haven’t yet experienced this martial art, you are missing out and should get up to speed quickly. BJJ is similar to judo, and you will see many of the top UFC fighters have a solid background in BJJ before moving to MMA.

It’s a real test of strength and fitness, testing your endurance to new levels while showing how to fit and determined you are and what you must work on. The great thing about BJJ is you never stop learning, from white belt to back belt. Every day is a school day.

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