Wikipedia: Who Is Jon Kasbe? Jon Kasbe, 30, is an Emmy Award-winning director and cinematographer whose Instagram handle is @kasbefilms.

Wikipedia: Who Is Jon Kasbe? Age Net Worth And Instagram

Jon Kasbe is the subject of unfounded rumors that he bought a camera when he was ten years old and used it to conduct interviews with children in war-torn Serbia. The truth, however, is quite different.

Kasbe claims that when he was 12, he spent all of his savings on a camera to help tell his grandfather’s story.

As a child, he felt helpless when he learned that his grandfather had nearly died because of his work. He felt his only option was to tell others about the situation.

This is how he began his career as a documentary filmmaker. He spent four years in Kenya for his first film, following three characters: an ivory dealer named “X,” a wildlife ranger named Asan, and an elephant hunter named Lukas.


Wikipedia: Who Is Jon Kasbe?

Jon Kasbe is an Emmy Award-winning Australian-Indian director and cinematographer who has yet to be listed on Wikipedia. 

When Lambs Become Lions is the first feature film that introduced him to filmmaking. He spent a significant amount of time producing, directing, and filming the documentary that went on to win the 2017 Sundance Documentary Fund.

Toiling away in the sun with a camera in hand, he gave it his all to bring attention to elephant poaching, and the film was awarded Best Editing at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. It was also nominated for two IDA Awards in 2019: Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

Kasbe’s short films have won awards and screened at festivals such as the Sheffield Film Festival, Camerimage Film Festival, and National Geographic.


What Is The Age Of The Director Jon Kasbe?

Director of The Deep End, Jon Kasbe, is 30 years of age and was born in Australia to an Australian mother and an Indian father.

He spent his childhood traveling, and he soon discovered that making documentaries allowed him to immerse himself in his travels while also sharing his discoveries with others.

Believe it or not, Kasbe explains the journey into the line of filmmaking begins with his grandfather, who was almost assassinated in India for the work he was doing in a leper colony prison.

Because the community didn’t like what he was doing, he was kidnapped, doused in gasoline, and set on fire. The police intervened just in time to save him.

With no power, young Kasbe felt compelled to share the story of his grandfather. Keeping that thought in mind, Kasbe bought his first camera at 12 years old with all of his savings and the money he had raised. 

Is Jon Kasbe On Instagram?

Jon Kasbe doesn’t have a personal Instagram account, but he does have a public account for his films, @kasbefilms. The account Kasbe Films was created in 2015 to post his first Kenyan shoot, When Lambs Become Lions.

All articles, films, and notices about the films he’s produced, directed, or filmed are uploaded on his account. Currently, over 1.5k people follow his page, fascinated as they are by his documentaries. 

In seven years, Kasbe has only put up 77 posts.

Explore His Net Worth Details

The Australian director Jon Kasbe has an estimated net worth of $19 million. 

His income source is from his profession as a director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. He started filmmaking when he was 12 to convey the story of his grandfather. 

Following that, it was a natural progression to realize that using the camera and the process of documentary filmmaking is an incredible way to meet people and travel to different places.

The 30-year-old finds it extremely rewarding as he believes the process can teach him and his viewers a lot about people, culture, and life. 

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