William Hurt children – How Many Kid Did He Have? The late actor has two children with Heidi Henderson and one with French actress, film director, and screenwriter Sandrine Bonnaire.

William Hurt Children - How Many Kid Did He Have? Wife And Death Cause Explored

He was not married to most of these women with whom he was romantically involved for many years. Read through for every detail!

Who was William Hurt?

He was born on March 20, 1950, and worked as an actor. He was the vice president of the Middlesex School Drama Club in Massachusetts.

He claimed to have studied theology at Tufts University before transferring to Juilliard School to pursue his acting career.

Altered States, his first film, was released in 1980. Hurt won three consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor in the 1980s, including one for his work on Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985).

William Hurt Children And Family – How Many Kid Did He Have?

He has one child with his wife Sandra Jennings and two more with Heidi Henderson. While os also has children from one of the French actresses who is also a film director and screenwriter. When will Hurt and Jennings welcome their son?

They had their son in 1983, and his name is Alexander Devon Hurt, and he is 39 years old.

When will Hurt and Henderson welcome their son? They welcomed their son in 1989, and his names are William, 31, and Samual, 32, while he is 31 and 32 years old.

When does Hurt welcome his son with  Sandrine? – They welcomed their son in the year 1994 and his name is Jeanne while he is at the age of 28.


William Hurt Wife – Who Was He Married To?

William Hurt was officially married to his former actress Mary Beth Hurt from 1971 to 1982.

The former couple did not have any children from their marriage. Their marriage had ended when Hurt was involved with Sandra Jennings.

The two had started a family with one child and practiced common-law marriage.

However, the two did not end up on good terms as their relationship was followed by legal battles.

Hurt then dated actress Marlee Matlin for one year, and they cohabited for two years. The two’s relationship was cited for having been involved with considerable drug abuse and physical abuse by Hurt.


What Was William’s Death Cause

William Hurt’s death cause is reported to be prostrate cancer per his obituary.

He has been tributed with uncountable obituaries from many sources given the glorious roles that he portrayed.

The news of his death has reached every nook and corner as Hollywood lost another gem in the fraternity.


His terminal prostate cancer had already metastasized to the bones during the May 2018 announcement of his health update.

Hurt later died from complications of the disease on March 13, 2022. He was 71 years old and passed away in Portland, Oregon.

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