What is Youtuber Emily Hart Net Worth? Emily Hart also known as Emily Hartridge is an English Youtuber, who primarily focuses on relationships, love, and life subjects. She has 350k subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing this article.

Youtuber Emily Hart Net Worth: How Rich Is She?  Age, Boyfriend, Husband Family, And Siblings 

Emily specializes in vlogging, which is a type of video blogging where the videographer records and posts videos of herself talking about whatever is currently of interest. Also, the majority of her interesting, informative, and entertaining videos are shot indoors while she answers questions.

She started her channel on February 5, 2007, and has since produced videos with a total of 148 million views on her YouTube page. Emily Hart posts her videos on her Youtube channel every Monday.


Emily Hart Net Worth, Age, Family And Siblings 

Emily Hart, the YouTuber, personal trainer, and Television Presenter is said to have approximately $1.5 million net worth.

This earning is a significant increase from her previous. However,  the reason for the spike is unclear, but it may be related to the success of her video views on Youtube where she earned a huge amount of money. 

Emily was born in Hambledon, Hampshire, England on May 25, 1984. She is the youngest of three sisters. Charlotte is her eldest sister, and her two younger sisters are twins named Alice and Jessica.

Hartridge’s YouTube career began in 2012. Her first YouTube video was titled “10 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 12 Again.” She later decided to make it into a YouTube series. She frequently discussed love and relationships.

The Daily Mail and Huffington Post recapped her episodes after she uploaded them because her show was so well-liked. She started hosting TV programs like Virgin Media’s “Jacked In” and 4OD’s “Oh sh*t I’m 30” as her reputation grew. She has also interviewed well-known actors, including Hugh Jackman and Eddie Redmayne.

She was 5 feet 7 inches or 173 cm tall. Meanwhile, her weight was around 52 kilograms.


Emily Hart Boyfriend Or Husband: Who Is Jacob Hazell?

Emily Hart is the girlfriend of Jacob Hazell who she affirmed to be younger on YouTube and Instagram videos. They have been dating for about a 3 years and a half now ( since November 2018). How they met is not clear but the couple clearly loves each other. 

Jacob Hazell is a personal trainer and according to rumours they live together and are getting ready to have children.

More like Emily is popular on Youtube, her boyfriend Jacob is very popular on Instagram. He’s a fitness freak as well. His Instagram account makes it clear that he prefers to live a healthy lifestyle.

His Instagram feed is full of fitness goals. It has more than 11.2k followers. There is also information about his personal and family life. Anabelle Hazell, his sister, was born on September 23. There is a sweet yet humorous caption about his father in which he mentions that his father has been sober for over 39 years.

That made his followers laugh and make funny comments on his posts.


Emily Hart Children And Health Issue

Emily Hart does not have any kids.

She has, however, stated openly on her YouTube channel and in an Instagram post that she wishes to become pregnant with her boyfriend.

At the time, she was undergoing fertility treatment in order to collect eggs. She has spoken openly in her videos about her struggles with drugs and depression since receiving a low fertility diagnosis in 208.

Before beginning fertility treatment in 2019, she posted a series of blogs on her channel documenting her thoughts and feelings about the situation.



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