10 Best Dry Cough Medicines Or Syrups For Adults And Children

A cough may be inevitable for most people as it’s the body’s way of removing irritation. It is commonly associated with cold or flu which may last beyond one week.

While symptoms may vary, a cough takes time to clear and often times clears on its own without medical intervention.

However, some cough can be tough, painful, irritating, or even frightening. The best way to avoid the discomfort that comes with a cough is to use tried and true cough syrups or medicines. Before opting for treatment or syrup, first, determine the cause and type of the cough.

You can tell if what you are having is a dry cough, wet or chesty cough, whooping cough, choking cough, or a chronic cough from the sound and feeling you get when coughing.

In this article, we explore what a dry cough is, causes, and the best dry cough medicines and syrups – treatments.

What is a dry cough?

A cough is termed dry when there is little or no mucus production in the throat. It is commonly characterized by tickling sensation and untrollable coughing. This type of cough commonly occurs in people with respiratory conditions or diseases and can pose a serious challenge such as not being able to hold a conversation, talk on the phone, or go to work.

What causes it?

Several factors can cause a dry cough. In a few cases, it may develop on its own without having a linked cause. Coughs that did not build on its own are majorly caused by asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, postnasal drip, viral infection.

This is not to say ACE inhibitors, environmental irritants, collapsed lung, and heart failure cannot cause a dry cough, they do but as a minor.

Best dry cough medicines or syrups available on Amazon

The best dry cough over the counter medicines including cough syrups and cough drop are those with little or no complications and aid relief faster.  You can either buy at your local pharmacy store, on Amazon or other online stores. Ensure the information on the products or labels is detailed to cure dry cough before you buy it. Read through the product ingredients for pholcodine and/or dextromethorphan. According to netdoctor a cough treatment product that contains pholcodine and dextromethorphan should help ease the tickling sensation. On over-the-counter medicine for cough, the following are the best dry cough medicines to try…

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