Among the sexual related problems of many men and of course partners, Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual problem affecting a great number of men around the world. Sometimes, it causes many relationships to enter a stressful dynamic that can lead to an abrupt break and separation of the couple.

Among the sexual related problems of many men and of course partners, Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual problem affecting a great number of men around the world. Sometimes, it causes many relationships to enter a stressful dynamic that can lead to an abrupt break and separation of the couple.

Premature ejaculation is explained as a condition whereby a person is unable to delay ejaculation to a point when it is mutually desirable for both the partners. That means ejaculation occurs before a man wants it to happen. Some men ejaculate during foreplay while some do so at the very entry itself.

What Survey Says About PE

A recent survey of thousands of male population in Britain indicated that approximately 10 percent of the male population “often” or “sometimes” experience this trouble (Premature Ejaculation).

Another study, an international Internet-based survey of 8860 men, demonstrated a similar prevalence in the United States (26%), Germany (24%), and Italy (26%).

Additionally, it has been found that PE is more common to occur in younger men than in older males. This is true because it has been proven that there exists the tendency for it to improve with age, i.e., men generally get better control as they grow older and acquire more sexual experience. However, not every male accomplishes this.

According to a 2004 survey made in Europe, it showed that a considerable number of middle-aged men still have this problem and often time don’t feel comfortable discussing it with their friends or partners.

However, the main cause of premature ejaculation was before now attributed to only psychological factor but in recent times, it has also been discovered that biological factors can cause premature ejaculation in men.

The Common Causes of Premature Ejaculation Include:

Psychological causes

  • Former sexual experiences that engage circumstances in which ejaculation was rushed in order to avoid being discovered.
  • Guilty feelings that increase your tendency to rush through sexual encounters
  • Depression

Biological causes

  • Abnormal levels of certain hormones or brain substances
  • The unusual response of the ejaculatory system
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra
  • Thyroid conditions

Other factors that can play a role in PE include:

  • Erectile dysfunction: Men who are anxious about obtaining or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse might form a pattern of rushing to ejaculate, which can be difficult to change.
  • Anxiety: Many men with premature ejaculation also have problems with anxiety either specifically about sexual performance or related to other issues.
  • Panic of losing your erection that could make you hurry during sexual encounters
  • Stress, which doesn’t let you relax and enjoy your sexual encounter
  • Health worries that make you feel nervous when having sex and have more chances to ejaculate in a hurry.
  • Innervation disorder (increased state of excitement)

Possible Effects of Premature Ejaculation(PE) on Men

Research has shown that more and more men are suffering from premature ejaculation in the world. This dysfunction has been associated with a range of negative psychological, physical and emotional effects that can further stretch to affecting relationships of partners. That is, PE can threaten or even ruin a marriage while it spoils the sex lives of both partners.

The possible effects of PE include:

  • Less sexual satisfaction
  • Depression
  • Distress
  • Anxiety
  • Deteriorating self-confidence
  • Inability to relax during intercourse
  • The decrease in sexual frequency
  • Less satisfaction in a sexual relationship
  • Deflated self-esteem
  • Threatened relationships

The Most Effective Way To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a problem that affects millions of men around the world converting their love life into a shameful experience instead of an enjoyable part of their lives. Statistics indicate that a great number of these men are afraid of looking for help and even think there is no such help for their condition. But nothing is without a solution only if you would look beyond and try out the following recommendations.

  • Sexual and Food therapy – The sexual therapy implicates masturbating an hour before the sexual encounter thus it may help to withhold erections during sex while the food therapy entails you avoid foods with high sugar content.
  • Behavioral Sex Therapy Exercises – are special masturbation or full penetration exercises that are designed to help men overcome premature ejaculation. During the exercises, you will practice identifying your ‘point of no return’ as well as prolonging the time until ejaculation.

    Here is how it works; you or your partner will stimulate your penis until your arousal level almost reaches the climax. Then You cease the stimulation, so your arousal level will subside, once you’re relaxed, you will continue with the stimulation. You will need to repeat this process several times. With practice, the time until ejaculation will increase, and your control will improve.
  • Psychotherapy – which involves discussing your former relationships and experiences with a professional thus helping yourself eliminate anxiety or fear.

  • Stamina drugs – provides you with much strength and extensive sexual feeling during intercourse. If you are considering products that will best provide all you need to uplevel your sexual duration then, here are some quality and nice stamina products you should go for. Endurance and Strength Booster and natural medicines, especially those formulated with herbs. You can also try Duration Spray and Gel for Men for longer performance.

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