Anthony Albanese and his partner Jodie Haydon are roughly 15 years apart in age. The couple has been dating since 2020 and is heavily involved in the campaign.

Anthony Albanese And Jodie Haydon - What Is Their Age Difference? Is He Married Or Dating

Anthony Albanese and his partner Jodie Haydon are working extremely hard now that the election has arrived. His election strategy appears to have shifted following his disastrous day one gaffe, which threatened to derail the Labor leader’s campaign.

Mr. Albanese launched his first official day of campaigning in Tasmania’s marginal seat of Bass with a funding announcement to assist children with hearing loss.

However, his initiative, however, was swiftly eclipsed when he was unable to answer a series of straightforward economic questions from the press. The questions included cash and unemployment rates.


Anthony Albanese And Jodie Haydon – What Is Their Age Difference?

Anthony Albanese, an Australian politician, and his partner Jodie Haydon have an age difference of almost 15 years. Albanese’s girlfriend is 43 years old. Her precise birth date, however, is unknown to the general world.

On the other hand, Anthony is 58 years old. Two people are deeply in love despite their significant age gap.



Albanese announced on Australian Women’s Weekly about his new partner Jodie Haydon and his life outside of politics in February 2022.

In an interview, the Labor leader speaks about the car tragedy that transformed his life and his two-year romance with Haydon.

Albanese’s life has radically transformed just a few years after his “emotionally damaged” break up with his 30-year-old partner, Tebbutt

However, just a few years later, the 59-year-old entirely transformed, shedding an incredible 18 kg and finding love in Jodie. The couple is dating for over two years now and they met a little over a year after his divorce from ex-wife Tebbutt.

According to Dailymail, the two met in early 2020 at a conference in Melbourne where Mr. Albanese was presenting. When the Opposition Leader inquired whether there were any more South Sydney supporters there, she cried, ‘Up the Rabbitohs!’

He introduced himself afterward, and they planned to meet for a drink when they returned to Sydney.

They were both not searching for a relationship, but Jodie quickly recognized she had fallen in love with Mr. Albanese when he was injured in a vehicle accident in January 2021.

Since then they are together as a wonderful pair supporting each other in the election campaign.

Anthony Albanese And Jodie Haydon’s Dating Status- Is He Married?

Jodie Haydon and Anthony Albanese are in a romantic relationship. The pair, on the other hand, has not yet married.

Albanese and Jodie started dating in 2021 and may be currently living together. They are highly involved in the election campaign, therefore they may be ignoring everything related to their wedding.



Furthermore, when a couple is genuinely in love with one other, they are bound to marry as soon as feasible. Their supporters are desperately waiting for their idol to get married soon.

The couple is frequently spotted together, and they were recently in the spotlight following his Tweet on April 10.

“Thanks to farmer James for showing Jodie and me some five-week-old kelpie pups this morning at the Sydney Royal,” he wrote.

Many netizens are arguing about his grammar, discussing whether it should be Jodie and I or Jodie and me.

Where Is Anthony Albanese’s Ex-Wife Carmel Tebbutt Now?

Anthony Albanese’s ex-wife Carmel Tebbutt is currently the CEO of the NSW Mental Health Coordinating Council. The couple separated in January 2019 and has a son together.

Albanese never stated the specific cause for their divorce, but he did announce their divorce in January 2019.



“I am profoundly heartbroken that my 30-year relationship with Carmel Tebbutt has ended in divorce,” he wrote.

“We will continue to share parenting responsibilities for our 18-year-old son Nathan, who has finished his HSC and has grown into a wonderful young man in whom we both take pride.”

“No other parties are engaged.”

Ms. Tebbutt joined the NSW Government in 1999 as the Minister for Juvenile Justice. She later became the Minister for Health, Education and Training, Community Services, and Climate Change and the Environment.

From 2008 to 2011, she was also the Deputy Premier of New South Wales.

Her current whereabouts as of now are unknown to us.

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