Anthony Walgate Death Cause: How Did Stephen Port Murder The Victim? Here’s every information of what happened.

The victim murder was recently accepted as a true criminal offense, and the Grindr Killer Stephen was charged with yet another criminal offense. His killing idiosyncrasy was luring young gay boys into dating and then mercilessly killing them by dosing them with date-drug.

Anthony’s mother reportedly requested a thorough investigation into the case because she thought her son’s death was strange but not unexpected.

Anthony Walgate Death Cause: How Did Stephen Port Murder The Victim? Details On Serial Killer

Anthony Walgate Death Cause: How Did Stephen Port Murder The Victim?

Anthony Walgate was one of the victims of serial killer Stephen Port, whose death was recently justified as a result of a lack of concern on the part of the authorities involved.

The young man was the serial killer, Stephen Port’s first reported victim.

He was discovered dead from a drug overdose, and authorities ruled out any motive-killing due to a lack of evidence.

It wasn’t until December 10, 2021, that it was revealed that the murderer was indeed involved in the case and wielded significant power over virtually every stage of the crime.


Anthony’s mother initially requested that the authorities look into the case, claiming that her son’s tragic death was leaving a shady layer of more sinister aroma.

Inquest jurors have now issued an official statement stating that Anthony was pursued by the serial killer via a dating app and then heavily dosed with the drugs that eventually killed him.

Police failed in their initial search or investigation into the topic until the pattern in the killing became clear.

Gabriel Kovari, the second victim, was also reported dead in a similar manner but in a different location.

Gabriel’s body was discovered in a similar manner in Barking, East London, and police received their first clear lead in the case.


More Info On Stephen Port’s First Murder Victim

Stephen Port, the infamous serial killer, chose and murdered Anthony Walgate as his first victim.

Stephen then went on to murder Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25.

Between June 2014 and September 2015, Stephen murdered all four young boys.

How Old Was Anthony Walgate At The Time Of His Death?

Anthony Walgate was 23 years old when he died as a result of the lethal doses of drugs administered to him unknowingly by serial killer Stephen Port.

Port pretended to be a friend and lover, and approached the boy as if he were a good person, but his true intentions would become clear after a few hours.


The lethal concentration of the drugs would kill all of the women he dated in similar ways, and the murder spree would devastate many young lives.




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