Arthritis To Spinal Stenosis: How Does Sleeping On Bad Mattresses Affect Your Health

Does sleeping on the wrong mattress affect your spine health? Read on to know what happens to your body when you sleep on the wrong mattress.

“About 60% of India’s population have back and spine-related issues and some of the common reasons are long sitting hours, wrong sitting & travel postures, and an often-overlooked aspect that could be troubling your spine is the surface that you sleep on i.e., a bad mattress. This is an alarming fact because the spine is one of the most crucial parts of the human body and any complication with the spine can result in various health issues such as arthritis, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis.

How Does A Good Mattress Help Your Body?

One-third of your life is spent sleeping and hence it is very necessary to ensure that you get quality sleep on the right mattress so that it helps rejuvenate your body and mind and completely rest your entire body. The person getting good quality sleep will be relieved from fatigue, and tiredness in the muscles and will be fully active for the day. Therefore, a good mattress is a synonym for quality sleep.

The most commonly noticed scenario is that people with back and spine issues seek orthopaedic or hard mattresses. In reality, there is no such thing called ‘orthopaedic mattresses’, and the brands who claim to do not even provide valid certifications from any particular medical association or authorized institution to reassure that their mattresses provide the best spine support while sleeping. Unless properly certified, one should be careful about choosing such mattresses.

Doctor’s Insight

In case you are suffering from any kind of back or spine issues, you should opt for a mattress that is comfortable for you and the comfort varies from one person to another. It is crucial that you experience the mattress for a few minutes at least by lying on it and only then you will be able to understand whether or not it suits you. Always look for a mattress that lets you sleep with zero discomforts. Generally, people have the tendency to toss and turn while sleeping and during this time, the mattress should help you to move around comfortably rather than disturbing your sleep. A weight-induced memory foam mattress would be a good option to consider as this responds to body weight rather than body heat and it allows it to resist deformations and quickly resume its original shape while avoiding the unpleasant feeling of sinking in the mattress and eventually providing the ideal support that your back needs.” – Notes Mr. V. Muthu Kumar – BPT, CMOT (Aus) – Musculo-skeleton Physiotherapist in association with Magniflex India. Home PageĀ 

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