Let’s look at Author Alex Aster Age, Family and more! 

Alex Aster is a YA debut author whose book Lightlark has sold in over a dozen countries. The award-winning author primarily writes for children. Lightlark is expected to be published by Abrams this August and to be adapted into a film.

Author Alex Aster Age And Family - Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth And Books List

Aster has recently faced backlash for securing a film deal for her book before it was published. Continue reading to learn more about the book and the author’s life.




 Author Alex Aster Wikipedia Bio

Alex Aster is an award-winning author whose name is making the rounds on the web. She does not have a Wikipedia page, but she has been mentioned on the biographies of several authors.

Alex earned a summa cum laude degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania. She received the award for her Emblem Island, Lightlark, and other graphic novels. Her debut in the Young Adult genre is The Lightlark.

She is also a digital creator with over 100 million views on her content. Alex and her videos have featured on high-end digital entities such as Good Morning America, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Guardian.

Her debut middle-grade novel Emblem Island: Curse of the Night Watch garnered starred reviews from Kirkus & Publishers Weekly. Moreover, Seventeen Magazine named it a Most-Anticipated Book of 2020. It was enlisted in the category of 20 Best Books of the Year So Far by Amazon and was mostly selected to be Barnes and Noble’s Book of the Month.


Explore Her Net Worth And Books List

The author, Alex Aster’s net worth has not been disclosed, but it is estimated to be around $1 million USD. The author is well-known for using TikTok to sell her books, which we’ll get to after listing all of her previous works.

Lightlark (Book 1), 2022; Curse of the Night Witch, 2020; Curse of the Forgotten City, 2021; and Lightlark, 2022 are Aster’s books. The Lightlark series will soon be adapted into a major motion picture.

Alex Aster reportedly used TikTok to land book deals worth $460K, so it’s safe to say she made a fortune from this social media platform. She recalled that the advance for each book in her first deal was quite low—less than $10,000. Alex stated that it was insufficient to support a family and did not compensate for years of hard work.

She opened her account after agreeing to a first book deal with a small publishing house. Because her marketing budget was limited, she used TikTok to reach out to her Gen-Z audience and build anticipation for her YA books “Emblem Island: Curse of the Night Witch” and “Emblem Island: Curse of the Forgotten City.”

Her ultimate objective was to use TikTok to land a book deal that would support her. And to the support, the “BookTok” phenomenon spiked in book sales and proved to be more than just a cute TikTok fad for author Alex Aster. She has already amassed over 730K followers since she joined the platform in 2018. 

Aster focused on building an audience by hosting viral dancing challenges and competitions and producing comedic and lifestyle videos. She eventually became aware that the users were developing a greater interest in books, and the hashtag “BookTok was starting to gather traction in late 2020.

Surprisingly, the hashtag has had 47 billion views since it initially surfaced during the pandemic’s first wave, surpassing more widely hashtags of a pandemic such as #unboxing and #recipe. It is credited with helping boost US book sales to their highest level since 2004. Aster was by then aware that now was the time to concentrate on promoting her TikTok content. In April 2022, the author received a book deal for around $500,000.


Author Alex Aster Age And Family

Alex Aster is a 26-year-old man. The author was born and raised in the United States and is said to come from a wealthy family. Her parents’ names have not been revealed, but she has a twin sister named Daniella Pierson. Daniella was profiled in a Forbes story in 2022 for having a net worth of over $200 million and collaborating with Selena Gomex to launch the mental health company Wondermind.



Alex Aster’s name is currently making headlines because her book series, Lightlark, has reportedly landed a film deal. While many people are happy for her, many others are angry because Aster received the movie deal before publishing the book.

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