Ayurveda: Is it a sure-shot way to combat hypertension? – Ayurveda offers a natural, holistic, secure, and effective alternative. But, unfortunately, new technologies and innovations appear to have strayed from this healthy balance. For example, one of the most prominent Ayurvedic medicines for hypertension is ‘Sarpagandha Vati.’ Several studies on the potency of Sarpagandha Vati in lowering blood pressure have yielded promising results. In this article, Dr Pooja Kohli, VP of HempStreet, explains the science behind this traditional medicine to determine how successfully it aids in treating and managing high blood pressure.

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Raktagata Vata

Life today and its associated strain, stress, and anxiousness exacerbate Vata and cause blockage in Dhamni (arteries/veins), resulting in high blood pressure. According to Ayurveda, hypertension is due to the imbalanced Vata dosha of the body, known as Raktagata Vata. In this case, Vata is the primary irrevocably tainted Dosha, and Rakta is Dushya.

Sarpagandha Vati

It is a primary ingredient of which is Rauwolfia serpentina, a herb with anti-hypertensive characteristics, which acts as Rasayana (anti-ageing, vitality promoter), Medhya (intellect ability), and Raktapurifier (blood purifier) to help combat hypertension. In addition, as per modern pharmacology, the alkaloid Reserpine found in Rauwolfia lowers blood pressure by diminishing the activity of central and peripheral noradrenergic neurons.

  1. This leads to a rapid decrease in cardiac output, heart rate, and peripheral arterial resistance.
  2. Each of these characteristics makes it a drug of preference for treating hypertension for a more extended period.
  3. Furthermore, Sarpagandha vati aids in the restoration of normal brain functions and the natural sleep of patients with anxiety.

Anti-Hypertensive Medicines

Modern medicine’s anti-hypertensive medicines have many side effects and withdrawal symptoms, one of which is that they induce patients to lose body minerals and become grumpy all day. Unfortunately, this is a repercussion that health professionals see almost every day.

  • On the contrary, Sarpagandha Vati is a safe, reliable and effective medicine for lowering blood pressure and enhancing cardiovascular health.
  • Given its safety and effectiveness, which have been affirmed and established by modern science, Sarpagandha Vati has the potential to be the balanced anti-hypertensive that the world is currently seeking. Home 

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