Chandler Halderson Siblings: Who Is His brother Mitchell Halderson? Get to know every detail of  his siblings in this article.

Chandler Halderson Siblings: Who Is His brother Mitchell Halderson? Parents Murder Trial

Chandler Halderson is the main suspect in his parents’ murder. Halderson, according to the report, murdered both of his parents, dismembered their bodies, and dismembered the remains.

When Chandler’s sibling brother, Mitchell Haldersson, tried to find out where his parents were, he discovered that his brother had told him a lie about them going to the cabin.

Halderson has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges leveled against him.

About Chandler Halderson – Prime Suspect On Dismembered Parents

Chandler Halderson is the prime suspect in the murder case of his parents. The 23-year-old faked a successful life in front of his parents while he lived with them.

After his father found out the truth, Chandler killed him and then, killed his mother when she arrived home.


Chandler Halderson was living at his parents’ house while claiming to be employed by a Wisconsin insurance company and completing his community college education. He informed his parents in June 2021 that he had been hired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and would be relocating to Florida that month.

Chandler’s father, Bill, on the other hand, realized Chandler was lying to everyone. His son spent the entire day in his room playing video games and faking his life.

Chandler took matters into his own hands and assassinated his father. When his mother returned home, he murdered her as well. He dismembered their bodies and dispersed them across South Wisconsin.

He reported them missing a week later and made up a story about them leaving for their cabin. We will provide additional information as soon as possible.


Chandler Halderson Siblings: Who Is His brother Mitchell Halderson?

Mitchell Halderson is the brother of Chandler Halderson.

On Tuesday, Mitchell testified in his brother’s homicide trial. He shared he wasn’t concerned about his parents until his parents didn’t respond to his messages and calls went straight to voicemail.

He grew restless and went to the cabin with the deputies to find out they never went there as told by his brother. His parents’ phones were found turned off and hidden inside their family home.

According to court documents, cabin neighbors informed authorities that no one was on the property recently and other family members confirmed that they didn’t hear anything about them either.

Prosecutors found out their parents’ life insurance was approximately $1 million and both the sons were in line to receive the insurance money. The money has not been paid yet and we are not sure if the brothers will receive the family home and the cabin.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

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