Does Travis Barker Have Bowel Cancer Illness? American musician Travis Barker has been hospitalized in Los Angeles. He was rushed in an emergency on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

After her father was admitted to the hospital, Alabama Barker begged for prayers for Travis on social media. Fans are now getting concerned about Barker’s health.

Does Travis Barker Have Bowel Cancer Illness? Find Out His Health Condition Now

Does Travis Barker Have Bowel Cancer Illness?

As far as we know, Travis Barker has not mentioned being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.

However, he does have a history of medical conditions. In past, he has suffered from illnesses like staph infection and cellulitis. Similarly, he was also admitted to a hospital in 2018 for blood clots in the arms.

The Blink 182 drummer also survived a plane crash in 2008. Since then we can actually see third-degree burns throughout his body.


There are also rumors that Barker has fibroid tumors. It is a condition when non-cancerous tumors develop in or around the uterus of a woman, however, it has also been found in the pelvis of males.

Nevertheless, the rock musician has never openly talked about these sorts of things.

Travis Barker Hospitalized In LA: His Health Condition Now

The illness of Travis Barker has not been publicized. It is still unclear what medical emergency brought him to the LA hospital.

Barker was, however, rushed in a medical emergency, according to a post made by his daughter Alabama Barker.

Alabama also asked folks to send prayers to Travis, giving it a sign that Travis’ health is in critical condition. She posted a photo on TikTok of her holding her father’s hand as he lay on a stretcher. She wrote:  “Please say a prayer.” However, she later deleted the post from Tiktok and shared an Instagram story with a black background and a teary-eyed emoji.

On June 28, 2022, Barker had also posted writing ” God Save Me” on his Twitter. His health care has come just after one month of his marriage. Though, nothing else is clear about his health condition at this time.

The ” God Save Me” is also the title song Barker produced for his good buddy, Machine Gun Kelly. It is possible that the tweet referenced the song or maybe his documentary Life in Pink.

Photos Show Travis Barker Being Transported In An Ambulance

A picture of Travis Barker being taken to the hospital has gone viral on the Internet. In the photos, he is also seen being accompanied by his wife Kourtney Kardashian, and his children.

In the image, Barker is seen wearing all-black clothes and a white medical bracelet over his tattooed hand. While Kourtney is seen wearing black sweatpants and a hoodie holding Barker’s hands from the stretcher. She has not spoken of her husband’s medical condition.

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