Derrick Thomas Son Matt Naylor: 10 Untold Facts About Him You Didn't Know

Who is Derrick Thomas Son Matt Naylor? Matt Naylor was Derrick Thomas’ secret son who was hidden till he was alive. Later, Matt narrated his perspective of finding his father in a documentary, Finding Derrick Thomas, released in 2015.

Derrick Thomas is one of the legends of the NBA, who passed away at 33 following a car accident. He spent 11 seasons with the Chiefs before passing away in 2000. He is regarded as one of the finest pass-rushers of all time. Thomas was chosen fourth overall by Kansas City in the 1989 NFL Draft while playing college football at Alabama, where he received unanimous All-American accolades.

Matt Naylor’s Quick Facts

ProfessionBasketball Player
BirthplaceAlabama, USA
FatherDerrick Thomas
GrandmotherEdith Thomas
Marital StatusMarried

Who Are Derrick Thomas’ Sons?

Derrick had four sons known to himself and the world who have established themselves in their respective lines of the profession.

He was close to his children, and although they didn’t get much time to spend with their father, they remembered his legacy and tried to maintain the family name at its most precious position as their father did when he was alive.

Derrick was a man for people. To create a more sustainable and peaceful future, he has always liked to give something back to the community. He established the 3rd and Long Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting young children in the KC region who face life-threatening conditions and promoting academic success.

Derrion, one of his sons, currently sits on the organization’s board of directors. The only NFL player to get this accolade at the time, Derrick was designated President Bush’s 832nd Point of Light in 1992 for his accomplishments.

10 Facts On Derrick Thomas Secret Son, Matt Naylor

Matt couldn’t experience his father’s love as he didn’t know that there existed a child of his who was unknown to him and the world. He passed away in 2000 without knowing this fact, which is very unfortunate for both father and son. Fast forward to 15 years later, the same son stepped forward to narrate his life journey of finding his father in a documentary.

1. Matt Naylor will be 34 in 2022. He struggled in childhood as his unknown father passed away when he was 12. He only had his mother as a guardian, and life was also tricky because of various financial difficulties. On the other hand, he had no idea about the passing of his father and was confused to see his mother crying as if someone significant had left them alone. Indeed, it was his father who got the idea some while after.

2. He knew about his father when he was 17. While competing in a basketball competition in South Florida, close to Thomas’ hometown of Miami, Naylor discovered that Thomas was his birth father for the first time after his mother informed him of this so he wouldn’t be caught off guard. He immediately contacted his biological grandmother, Edith Morgan, ah explained who he was. Edith felt the family connection instantly, and still, she is more connected with Naylor than her other grandchildren.

Derrick Thomas' Mother and Matt Naylor's Grandmother, Edith Morgan Got Emotional While Visiting Her Son's Grave
Derrick Thomas’ Mother and Matt Naylor’s Grandmother, Edith Morgan Got Emotional While Visiting Her Son’s Grave ( Source : postguam )

3. Matt narrated the documentary about the life story of his father. It chronicles his life’s journey, beginning with his turbulent beginnings in Miami, continuing through his excellent quarterbacks at Alabama, his influence off the field, and ending with his tragic passing in 2000.

4. Matt studied at the University of Alabama and participated in college basketball. He never mentioned his academic qualifications, but the documentary makers included a scene in the movie where it says that Matt studied at the university and was visiting New York in 2014 to attend college football when he saw his father’s name in the hall of fame of college basketball.

5. Matt completed his high school education at Addison High School in Alabama, United States. He was born and brought up in the same locality. He also played in the school’s basketball team marking his presence as one of the potent players on the team.

6. Naylor and Derrick have similar kinds of childhood. He discovered that Thomas also had difficulty understanding his father, Air Force Cpt. Robert Thomas, a B-52 pilot, lost his life while on a mission in the Vietnam War.

7. In Search of Derrick Thomas, the documentary Naylor narrated, has a 7.6 IMDb rating out of 10. The audiences and critics loved it as it covered all the necessary aspects of an NBA star’s life, which took audiences through a magnificent rollercoaster ride.

Matt Naylor's Half Siblings' Derrion Thomas and Alexa Harmon-Thomas Photographed During An Event In 2022
Matt Naylor’s Half Siblings’ Derrion Thomas and Alexa Harmon-Thomas Photographed During An Event In 2022 ( Source : twitter )

8. Matt has seven half-siblings, of which four are brothers, and three are sisters. All his siblings have established their careers in their respective professions and barely make public appearances. However, he is not close to any of them as they have been isolated for a more extended period.

9. Matt Naylor is a married man. He, however, hasn’t discussed his personal life, but he appeared in the screening of the documentary along with his mother and newlywed wife. He also makes a minimal public appearance, so he is not that popular among sports fans.

10. Matt Naylor’s father, Derrick, has been inducted into the college and pro basketball hall of fame. In 2014, the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame both posthumously inducted him.

Some FAQs

Who Is Derrick Thomas Son?

Derrick Thomas had a secret son whose name is Matt Naylor. Naylor narrated a documentary based on his father’s life in 2015.

What Is Matt Naylor’s Age?

Matt was born in 1988 that makes in 34 in 2022. However, He was kept under the shadow about his dad’s identity until he was 17.

What Is Derrick Thomas’ Documentary Called?

A documentary covering key events of Derrick Thomas’ life premiered in 2015 and was entitled ‘In Search of Derrick Thomas.’

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