A look at Digestion Problems – A lot of factors in your daily life can influence your gut health and you might not be aware of them!

The entire digestive system of the human body is covered and managed by our digestive system or gut health. This part of our body is responsible for breaking down the food that we consume into nutrients which then are absorbed by our body for its proper functioning. When we think about our digestion and the factors that affect it, we probably think of times a certain meal upset our stomach or a particular food left us bloated. But according to gut health expert, there are three other sneaky things that can affect our digestion under the radar as well. Here’s what to know. Each part of the gut has a different job and different colonies of microorganisms do the job of breaking down food into more digestible formats.

The gut is hugely important for immune function, with the gut wall providing a barrier that, when functioning properly, prevents viruses, fungi and bad bacteria from entering the bloodstream.


A lot of factors in your daily life can influence your gut health and you might not be aware of them!

Gut Health And Sleep Go Hand In Hand

As in, sleep influences the gut, and gut health influences sleep. As one 2019 study in the journal PLOS One notes, Growing evidence suggests that the gut microbiome can influence sleep quality. We found that total microbiome diversity was positively correlated with increased sleep efficiency and total sleep time.

Not getting adequate sleep can induce both stress and anxiety in a person. This increase in stress can cause an imbalance of bad bacteria and good bacteria in the body. This imbalance will not happen if one follows a proper sleep schedule and gets the minimum amount of sleep that is essential for the body. This will automatically take care of your gut health and manage the physical effects of stress.

Less Stress Means A Healthy Gut

Stress can cause the esophagus to spasm. It can also cause indigestion. Experts also added that indigestion increases the environment for the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Harmful bacteria trigger a discordant cascade of unpleasant symptoms.

Regular Exercise Can Benefit Gut Health

Getting enough exercise everyday is very crucial for your gut health. It will help you feel less stressed and get better sleep. These claims have also been scientifically backed by researchers who state that physical exercise has a positive influence on the gut. According to a review published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, more than one studies have pointed to exercise enhancing the number of beneficial microbial species, enriching the microflora diversity, and improving the development of commensal bacteria. All these effects are beneficial for the host, improving its health status.


Our gut microbiome is not dependent on good and healthy diet but also on quality sleep and absence of stress. When you start taking care of these small aspects of your everyday life, your gut health and digestion are sure to become better.

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