Jenny’s skin changed because of the treatment and is now very sensitive to facial products which has meant she has had to change her whole makeup drawer to “hypo allergenic”.

She said: “I attended a ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ workshop to pick up a few hints on managing the changes to my appearance, which helped my confidence.”

The scans following the first six sessions showed the cancer had stopped growing so Jenny undertook a further six courses of the same chemotherapy. They were successful too, with the cancer still dormant and no longer seen on her lungs or liver.

“My feet and hands are experiencing neuropathy, which is tingling or numbness (my feet are the worst) and this did increase during the second course of treatment, but the cold weather doesn’t help that either (I am writing this in February 2022). I am used to wearing thick socks (all the time!), cotton gloves about the house and thick thermal wool gloves when outside,” Jenny said to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

She continued: “Other than the eternal challenges of managing the PERT (Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy) to enable absorption of nutrients that my pancreas can no longer provide me, and the ongoing management of my diarrhoea, I have been lucky enough to have minimal side effects from the chemotherapy.”

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